Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant @ Hilltop

Chinese like their soup, traditionally served invigorating tonic their body system and best known for Cantonese food which is easily found everywhere. The food is quickly stir-fried with just a touch of oil and the result is crisp and fresh. With Cantonese food, the more people sitting at a meal the better, because dishes are traditionally shared so everyone will manage to sample the greatest variety. A corollary of this is that Cantonese food should be balanced: traditionally, all foods are said to be either Yin [cooling] like vegetables, clear soup; or Yang [heaty] like starchy foods and meat. A cooling food should be balance with a heaty food and with not too much of one or the other.

Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant @ Hilltop
Located at the Kolam Centre along Jalan Hilltop and Jalan Lintas
Sabah Vegetable with Egg, RM8.00
A healthy green and cooling food
Fried Beancurd top with Minced Meat and soy sauce, RM10.00
Homemade tofu...smooth...soft, top with simple minced meat and soy sauce
Soy Sauce Prawn, RM15.00
Fresh prawn pan-fried  and top with sweet dark soy sauce
Bittergourd Soup, RM7.00
Cooling soup to realease heatiness of the body system
Watercress Soup, RM7.00
Another favourite to help release body heatiness
Sweet and Sour Fish Rice, RM7.00
I just like the tangy sweet and sour sauce topping the deep fried fish fillet


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