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Restaurant Thien Thien @ Gaya Street

Restaurant Thien Thien
No.57, Jalan Pantai,KK.
Tel: 088-251805
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Yee Mee in Hot Wok RM6.50
Restaurant Thien Thien had been well-known for its good food but bad service. It was lucky, on the day that we pay a visit, the service was fast and good.

Instead of ordering some dishes to go with rice, we ordered the ala-carte dish. Jack wanted to eat noodle, so, he opted for Yee Mee in Hot Wok. A generous portion with plenty of steamed chicken and some fresh prawns was served. It tasted good. The Yee Mee doesn't tasted oily and it goes really well with the dark gravy.
Steamed Chicken Rice RM5.00
I wasn't sure what I wanted to ordered. After seeing most of the patrons were having the Steamed Chicken Rice, I was tempted to ordered one too.

The Nasi Minyak (Rice) looks kind of sticky but it do have a mild aroma and tasted not bad. The Steamed Chicken was good. Firm meat with smooth skin. The chili sauce was spicy and goes well with the Chicken Rice.
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maslight said...

The kon lou mien is also not bad, but sometimes when it's bz, can get a bit slow in cleaning up table and serving, but this place one of my fav place.

Monica said...

I heard a lot about the bad service but was lucky that my experience wasn't that bad. Will try their kon lou mien next time.

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