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Homemade Beef Burger by Ronco

Monica Tuesday, June 1, 2010
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? RONCO CAN MAKE A NICE BEEF BURGER! And you are not watching Ripley's believe it or not...
I didn't lied. It tasted really nice. He used minced beef, onion and cream to make the beef patty. Sounds so professional, right? The beef patty was juicy and beefy.
Saliva dripping when I looked at the photos again. It was not the first time he cooked the beef burger, just that I always forgotten about snapping a few photos when I saw the burger.

P/S: I know you want it. Will ask him to cook for you when you are back!

Okay, done with the burger. Since the post is so short, I'm going to attached some photos of the home-cooked spaghetti here. THIS WAS COOKED BY ME. Don't make a mistake. Hehe...just want to get back some credits.
After looking at the beef burgers, the spaghetti lose all the credits..haihz...Anyway, it was easy to cooked and it is a healthy meal.
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