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Not Well, Home-cooked porridge, Kuala Lumpur

1st June 2010, Tuesday
I'm not feeling well today but I have to go to work cause there's an important meeting at 2:30pm and also some important task to do at work. Before I left the house this morning I ask mum to help me buy medicine from the Clinic at Kuchai Lama and send it to me later. At about 11am, I really feel ill, Joyce advise me to go home and take a rest, I would not be able to concentrate at the meeting later, better leave now before the traffic hour at lunch. So I did, try so hard to stay awake and focus driving myself home. Mum was about to make a move sending the medicine to me,  stop her at the security car exit, so she turn back. At home, I have a slice of bread, took medicine and sleep till dinner time, woke up by Joyce's message asking me "Are you feeling better already?". Luckily she sent me message to wake me up, if not I will not be able to sleep later. Mum prepared porridge for my dinner

Plain Porridge
Lettuce Pickle (Canned Food)
Mui Choy Pork
Stir-Fried Cabbage
Mum's cooking, priceless
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