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Contributed by Jessica: Food Republic, Wisma Atria, Singapore

Blog_For_Fun Friday, June 25, 2010

At Orchard Road, you wouldn't be short of places to shop. There are plenty of shopping centers around. One of the shopping center available was Wisma Atria.
Besides shopping, we also had our lunch there. The Food Republic which located in Wisma Atria, had plenty of food stalls.
Chicken Noodle (Dry)
The Chicken Noodle tasted quite good. The noodle was springy, the sauce was nice and the chicken was firm and smooth. (Sorry that I forgot the price)
Hainanese Chicken Rice $4.50
My husband was tempted to ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice. Unlike KK, even the food stalls in the shopping center serves good quality of food (Okay, forget about the conversion of the money). The rice had a nice fragrant and the steamed chicken texture was firm and smooth as well.
Below are the photos of the food stalls that we had ordered our dishes...
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