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Contributed by Bobidom: Japan Trip - Part 2 - Fukui

Blog_For_Fun Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Sorry I took longer than expected to upload this post.
Computer is being a jerk these days including my external hard disk.

Anyways, here's the post on my day - 3 trip in Japan :)



On our way to Sakai Municipal Government Office, I noticed one thing that is so hard to miss if you're in Fukui.

The Paddy field.
Rice is one of the the main commodity in Sakai/Fukui.
They are just about everywhere!

Imagine a mini paddy field in between/front/behind of every homes in TOWN.
Not sub-urban or village area.
Awesome huh? :)

In Sakai/Fukui, the government encourage agriculture and almost every home have their own paddy field.
Just like Akiko-san, she doesn't need to buy rice anymore as she too, has her own garden & paddy field.
Our courtesy visit to the Mayor of Sakai at the Sakai Municipal Government Office is none other than to learn more about the social welfare in Sakai.
Not only the Ministry got to have a personal Q&A with the mayor himself, we were also introduced to the gadgets used to support the elderly/disabled people :)

After having our bento lunch, we then brought to Yasuragi-no-ie, another elderly centre supported by volunteers nearby.
Compare to the previous day care centre, here, we got the opportunity to see how they did their daily exercise and some other activities to stimulate their thinking.

One thing about elderly, the older they get, the more talking and thinking activities should be done.
Not only will it help them not to forget their abillity of speech, exercise and other creative activities e.g. handycraft will work their mind and body and also be healthy :)
So if you have any old grandparents or parents at home, this is the time where you can get closer to them and also train your children (if any) to be volunteers.

Remember.. you'll get there someday too :)
They also presented us with the usual...

Man.. don't they just love karaoke or what??? XD
Fyi, one request came right after and we, the guest, also have to sing solo for them.
For this task, who else better to send to the battle field than my own sister... si Cici. LOL!

Oh! Mama taught them how to dance joget :)
When chit chatting, one saw my hairstyle/hair colour and thought I was from Japan XD
But my dear readers.. YOU know I'm far than look like one XD
Not when my skin is so tanned! XD

Before going off, we took more photos and were presented with some of their home made handycrafts.
While some got a pot of flowers and other handycrafts, I got a wishing well ^_^
Saying goodbye was not easy.
Plus, I know in few years time, I might not get the chance to meet some of them :(

I really felt honoured to meet them all and hope they will always be in good hands.
Our next destination was to Maruoka Castle.

Nice isn't it? :)

It'll look MORE beautiful when sakura blooms around it.
Perfect for wedding photography *hint*hint*
Maruoka castle used to be one of the national treasures of Japan along with other castles in other parts of Japan e.g. Osaka.
But due to the earthquake and landslide, the original castle collapsed; hence, the title had to be scraped off due to its new material.
Nonetheless, it is still until today, one of the must visit place if you're in Fukui :)

Our last educational stop was at the Fukui Prefecture Social Welfare Centre situated inside one of the small shopping mall in Fukui. (Sorry I forgot its name).
The briefing was.... alright...
Truthfully, I fell asleep most of the time during the briefing *Didn't i tell you i hate briefings/lectures?* Heh =P

All of my senses was woken up when I heard that we can stroll around the mall for half an hour.
So I took the opportunity to take more photos! XD

After a loooooong day of learning,
the event we ALL were waiting for....


Omg!!!! I am IN LOVE with this restaurant.
After tasting the sushis, say sayonara/buh-bye to all Malaysian sushi restaurant XD
This is what I call real SUSHI!!!

The rice portion and texture was nice and the topping was so big, thick and generous!!!!
Oh man... let the photos do the talking.

The dessert...

Fat points +5.

Fyi... half way through our dinner, Jehan (one of the Malaysian student we met at Akiko-san's welcoming party) and *oh shit.. I forgot his name* came to join us.

Our days got better and better when Jehan invited and arrange transportation to take us out after dinner *except the seniours*.

To be honest, our body battery was almost flat @[email protected]
But we went out anyways XD

Our initial plan was to try out the Onsen (Japan Hot Spring).
Since it was almost midnight, the plan had to be KIV and we were brought to arcade instead.

I love the photos!
So tipu one...
The machine made our eyes looked bigger.
Those with mata sepet will benefit from this..
but for those with big eyes...sorry... there's higher chance for you to look like alien. XD

We also played the Japanese drum.
So who won you ask?

*kof *kof.. me of course XD

It was such a bliss to beat up boys. Muehehehe XD

Thank you Jehan and the gang!!!!

More... Seriously MORE posts ahead... @[email protected]
Slow pc is not a help.

Oyasuminasai peeps!

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