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Borneo Wild Restaurant, Penampang

Clarice Wednesday, June 9, 2010 , ,
Bundusan Square, Lot 27-0 & 28-0,
Block C, Ground Floor, Bundusan Square,
Jalan Bundusan, Penampang,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088-732 222 Fax: 088-732 332
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.
(wow... they do have website... haha... impressive le... Seriously I didn't know they have until I typed this post)

Just got back from Perth on 2nd June 2010 and KK was raining and flooding badly. Our flight from KL to KK was delayed as flight from Kuching has got delayed (also due to bad weather). Anyway, hope to find time to upload and blog about my 7days Perth trip. We all had fun driving and traveling in Perth though.

3rd June 2010 was my mum's birthday and my dad thought of celebrating it at Borneo Wild Restaurant. Have dined in at this restaurants couple of times but always didn't take photos as were already too hungry when the food served.

Borneo Wild Restaurant has just opened few months ago and it is famous of its "wild animal dishes" such as crocodile meat (soup, stew etc), wild pork etc.

Crocodile and Tortoise

Appetizer: Seaweed

1st Dish : Stew wild pork - I only had 2 bites as everyone (11 adults and 1 infant) grabbing it so fast. Prob becoz it was 1st dish served and of course it tasted very good. They stewed it for hours that the meat was so tender, the fat on the meat was also soft and melted to form thin layer of oil on the gravy.

2nd Dish: Crocodile ribs in spicy sauce - Hmmm.... not really fancy of this dish. Few of us who are rather sensitive, felt that the ribs got some weird smell. Some said OK.

3rd Dish: Sweet and Sour Fish - GOOD! We walloped it in no second... haha... taste was just so right with the fish, tomato, capsicum and onion. Thumbs up!

4th Dish: Steam Pork Slices in "Salted Prawn sauce" on Beancurd and bed of bayam vege - "Mild" dish as I called it. Not oily at all. I like it but my cousin complained that the "salted prawn sauce" taste was not strong enough.

5th Dish: Stir Fried Crocodile Meat on Lotus Leaf - Good! Thumbs up! The crocodile meat was so tender and well-marinated. It has strong lotus leaf taste too. The texture of the crocodile meat is like between of chicken and fish. So, it is tender and not rough at all. I guess most people couldn't guess it is crocodile meat unless told. :=) Anyway, the birthday girl a.k.a my mum couldn't take crocodile meat. She just dislike the thought of eating it. Haha... while we all enjoyed it so much right? (Cruel right?)

6th Dish: Crocodile Soup and Pumpkin Soup for those non-crocodile eater. :)
The crocodile soup was boiled for hours with herbs an tasted more like herbal soup. :) while for the pumpkin soup, the pumpkin was steamed and mashed into smooth puree texture. Both soups were good!

7th Dish: Signature Pork = Roast Pork. Good too! The pork was roasted to perfection and has got crispy skin. It is served with a specialty sauce, which has strong belacan taste. THUMBS UP!

8th dish: Stew Bayam in Soup and Century Egg. Not oily and the bayam just went well with the century egg taste.

9th Dish: Stir Fried Crocodile Intestine and Liver. Was recommended by my cousin that crocodile liver tastes good. Initially we all felt weird to try this dish. But once we tried, everyone ate non-stop. The liver and intestine were both bit chewy in texture and the chef has done a great job on the sauce and "wok hei"... good!

10th Dish: Stir Fried Purple Cabbage in Garlic. The cabbage tasted sweet though and just went well with the garlic. Plain, simple and nice!

Herbs and crocodile meat for the crocodile soup.

Dessert: Gui Ling Gau. It was complimentary.

Total Bill: about RM230.00 inclusive of free flow of chinese tea and plain water.

We were in love of this restaurant and been here few times that the waiters, waitresses and boss can recognize us. :=) Also, you can make reservation with them as they have 3 VIP rooms for special function and these 3 rooms could be combined into one for bigger group. For us of 11 adults and 1 infant, 1 room is just nice. :P

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