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Contributed by Bobidom: Japan Trip - Part 5 - Tokyo Disneyland

Blog_For_Fun Wednesday, June 9, 2010
We checked out from Okura hotel and moved to a budget hotel name Chang Tee Hotel located in Ikebukuro.
To not waste anymore time, with a detailed Tokyo train map in hand, we proceeded in finding our way to the Tokyo Disneyland.
If you're in Tokyo, don't be afraid to get lost as the train station here is very convenient and finding your ways around is pretty easy :)
Just like getting on a KTM / LRT / Monorail in KL.

All you need to do is print out the train map and a good tokyo map, then you're good to go to explore this amazing city ;)
For more info about Tokyo's transportation, click here
Tokyo Disneyland is located in Maihama; and if you only have a day to explore both worlds (Disneyland and DisneySea) just like us, all you gotta do is purchase the fullday ticket (5800 Yen) to enter any of the word first till 3pm, then proceed to the next world via the Disney train and buy the Starlight ticket (4700 Yen) which allows you to play from 3pm till closing time (10pm). Total entrance fee for both worlds in Malaysia Ringgit is approximately RM379 - RM400.
Unlike Hong Kong Disneyland which is divided into 4 types of lands i.e. Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventure Land & MainStreet USA, Tokyo Disneyland on the otherhand is
bigger and divided into 7 lands/parks and they are World Bazaar, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Westernland, Toontown, Fantasyland and Critter Country!

Lucky us, we're just in time to catch the Easter Wonderland!

It was damn lots of people around there! Babies, Kids, Adults, Elderly, Disabled.. you name it.. they're all there!
Don't go asking me why didn't i go during weekdays...
It's pretty obvious how hectic our schedule for the past 5 days and Saturday is the ONLY day for us to go to Disneyland =_=

Though there were lots of people.. it's almost impossible for you to see a single trash around.
The park is so clean and you can see that there's always a cleaner who detects every trash dropped. @[email protected]
Once in awhile, Mickey mouse and his friends will come out from the City Hall building to greet their fans.
If you get the chance to meet them, you have to be FAST and SELFISH.
Just ignore the others and grab any opportunity to take a picture with them.
Else, don't go home crying.
We didn't manage to get on all the superfun rides as the queing up time starts of 95 minutes onwards...
Would you want to wait almost 2 freaking hours to just get on a 30 seconds ride...
I don't think so =_=
Sis wanted to at least experience a ride there; so we went to Peterpan ride as well as the Snow White Ride.
It was nice... but stupid for a 75 minutes wait.
Another tip before going to Disneyland is, print out the event list to know when any special occasions occuring at any particular locations;
and one of them that you should never missed is of course... the Disney Parade.
And you must standby EARLY to get a sitting place with a good view!
All of the above was the normal Disney parade, showing all the Disney characters and princess.
Another parade that we got to see was the special Disney Easter Wonderland parade..
and it only happen during Spring!
There were lots of nice stalls in Disneyland which sells popcorns, hot and cold snacks, corn & potato sticks, cheesy pretzels and also the famous turkey drumstick which Joeanne and I had been eyeing since we first enter the place. But one mistake was made...

Since we were behind schedule to watch the Tokyo Disney Sea Spring Carnival, we hold our hunger thinking that DisneySea would have it...


There was none to eat there!!! Only expensive restaurants!

Argh!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't make the same mistake!

DisneySea was wonderful especially for people who enjoys architechture.
It is divided into 7 parts as well i.e. Mediterranean Harbour, American Waterfront, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Port Discovery, Arabian Coast and Lost River Delta.
We arrived just in time for the DisneySea Spring Carnival :)
The show was great and I got to see Tinkerbell and her friends!
There were not many exciting rides here compare to Disneyland, but it was still fun.
We went on a few simple rides such as Sinbad's World and Merry Go Round (Don't ask) in Arabian Coast, Watched live Little Mermaid theatre show in Mermaid Lagoon as well as Roller coaster ride in Mysterious Island :)
We missed the fireworks event due to the live Little Mermaid theatre show *both events happening at the same time* :(
But oh well.. If you gain some .. you gotta lose some...
Plus, I watched it before in Disney Hong Kong.
But I still wish my sisters could've witness it :(
Oh yeah! I also bought Duffy from DisneySea (Only available there)!

I know... couldn't help it coz it's just so cute!

As you can see, we stayed till the very end...
and each and everyone of us was SO TIRED, HUNGRY, GRUMPY and tired legs didn't help.
I also pulled my left calve and hurt my knee muscle reallly bad which left me walk ala crippled person the next day till the whole 2 weeks when i'm back in KK *sniff*

Guess it was all worth it!
And now I'm proud to say that I've been there.. done that ;)

Next stop, Disney USA!

2 more post to go peeps! Gosh... =_=

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