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Citymall Foodcourt @ Citymall

Citymall Foodcourt
Location: Next to Popular Bookstore
Food: 3.5/5
Service: Self-service
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 19/06/10
Rojak Buah RM4.50
It had been quite some times since the last time I visited Citymall foodcourt. I always heard people mentioned about the Kuching Laksa at the foodcourt which tasted not bad, so, Jack and I decided to have our lunch there this afternoon.

I ordered a Rojak Buah and Kuching Laksa from the Kuching Laksa's stall. The Rojak Buah tasted not bad. The prawn paste taste from the sauce was quite strong and it tasted sweet and spicy.
Kuching Laksa RM5.50
The Kuching Laksa's broth was rich in prawn flavour. It comes with plenty of shredded chicken and prawn. Wasn't too spicy with mild spices taste, not very creamy, yet tasted pretty good.
Jack ordered from the Claypot Delight's stall. He wanted to try the Claypot Spicy Beef Rice.
Claypot Spicy Beef Rice RM6.00
Taste wise, it was not bad. It only had a mild black pepper taste which wasn't really spicy. The beef was tender and goes well with the rice. My only qualm was the gravy given was too little.
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maslight said...

I usually go to the claypot or the noodle stall. My bro loves the fish head noodle but sometimes the flavor changes @[email protected] must be the fish.

I think I tried the laksa before. It wasn't as great for me.

Monica said...

The laksa taste was friend told me to add the chili and lime to the soup, so that it will taste better..try this method the next time u had it..

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