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Siong Seng Delight @ Citymall

Siong Seng Delight
Location: Next to Kaldido Cafe, last time used to be Fork and Spoon
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 5/6/10
After Fork and Spoon moved to the shop lot next to The Hut, Siong Seng Delight had taken over the old shop unit where Fork and Spoon used to be. Serving Roasted Meat with noodle or rice, the restaurant seems to be doing very well. I tried to walked-in at 3pm twice and most of the Roasted Meat were sold out.
Roasted Duck with Kolo Mee RM6.00
It was the last few plates of Roasted Duck as we reached at 3pm. Jack ordered it to be serve with Kolo Mee. The Roasted Duck tasted quite flavourful and the meat was tender. The egg noodle was springy and the sauce was sweet and savoury. Overall, the taste was pretty good.
Dumplings with Kolo Mee RM6.00
I wanted to order Wantan Noodle but it was sold out. Anyway, I didn't regret ordering the Dumpling with Kolo Mee. The Dumpling was good. The pork filling with spring onion was fresh.
Pickled Chili (good to go with Kolo Mee)
Honey Lemon RM2.50

* The restaurant is no longer in operation. The shop is now operating by 5 Stars Chicken Rice.
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