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Contributed by Bobidom: Japan Trip - Part 4 - Tokyo

Blog_For_Fun Sunday, June 6, 2010
After checking out from Yours Hotel Fukui,
we had few more hours to spare before our flight back to Tokyo.
So we headed to Fukui University to greet Akiko-san goodbye
and proceeded to the Village Bamboo Craft Doll for sightseeing.
I love the bamboo garden around the area.
Perfect for another wedding photoshoot ideas ;)
According to one of the Bamboo craft master, there are two (2) types of bamboo used for their bamboo craft work, particularly one for the doll's body and another refine high quality type of bamboo for the doll's hair.
This rooster reminded me of BB! ^_^
We arrived at the airport at noon.
As usual more photos :)
We also stumbled upon one mascot of one of the festivals in Fukui.
Till today, I couldn't figure out what the heck the mascot suppose to be @[email protected]
Upon arriving at Tokyo, we checked in back to our previous Hotel, Okura Hotel and proceeded to Tokyo Shoppinnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!!!
Tokyo Rainbow Bridge

But before that, we needed to refill our body battery first XD

Hence, Joaeanne brought us to Rasa Malaysia Cuisine in Ginza.
I would rate the food in Rasa [email protected] as 3/5.
While others tasted alright, I LOVE how they cooked the nyonya fish.
Hopefully one day, some Indian chef can work there to improve the Teh Tarik XD
Now that tummy is fed, we proceeded to lots of places from our point (Ginza), then to Shibuya and also one of the shopping malls there called Takashimaya :)
During our quest around Tokyo city, Nadia and I bought 1 Yukata each ^_^
Kimono is too expensive and HOT.
Not worth buying if you're wearing it in Malaysia XD

Oh! In Takashimaya, Nadia and I also bought a VERY DELICIOUS yoku moku cookie (THE BEST JAPANESE COOKIE).
My friends/colleagues whom I gave as 'food souvenir' last week would agree with me on the taste as well!
If you're curious, you can also order online here :)

Since we have an hour left, Hiro-san, the driver, drove us to Tokyo Tower.
Mama didn't want to waste money (plus, we only have few minutes left before hiro-san charge us for extra time), so we wondered around and took photos instead.
For dinner, we dropped by 7E to buy food @[email protected]
Food in Japan is expensive (unless you uber rich XD), so 7E /home cooked meal will definitely going to be your best buddy if you stay here long.
Cici & I at the 7E area

Anyways, this is what we bought from 7E... Dango, Ramen, Bun & Beef Spaghetti (which is not in the picture) XD
Since we had to check out from Okura the next day and move to a budget Hotel in Ikebukuro, we cam-ho with our Yukata-robe puas-puas b4 we went to bed XD

LOL! I know... tiada kerja XD

Disneyland/DisneySea Post coming up next ;)

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