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My Water Moments

Monica Sunday, June 20, 2010
Kota Kinabalu is one of the most fantastic city I have ever been to. It is a place surrounded by natures. Just around the corner, you will find the long sandy beaches, paradise islands, virgin coral reefs, tropical rain forests and the mighty Mount Kinabalu.
Being in KK for few years, I had always have the chance to travel around KK and visit some of the islands and beaches. And of course, not to forget, climbing Mount KK and reaching the peak.
Photo taken at Rasa Ria
One of the nice beach that we had been to was Rasa Ria. It was a private beach. During my previous visit with my sister, Angeline, we managed to snapped a few photos using our digital camera.
The weather was hot but the sea was really beautiful. However, instead of going near the sea, we chose to stayed far away from it. We were pretty afraid of getting ourselves wet and moreover spoil our camera.
 Photo taken at Karambunai
Next, we had also been to Karambunai, another beautiful sandy beach. It was also a private beach.
This time around, we decided to go nearer to the sea to get a better view. Again, not into the water, just staying at the surfaces and carefully taking good care of our one and only camera.
Then, I had a short trip to Papar with my friends. We went to Seaside Traveller Inn and enjoyed our Sunday while watching sunset.
It was a cloudy day and at first, we thought that we will not be able to see sunset. We only sat at the hotel's cafe watching the nice view instead of getting to the beach and walked around.
Finally, we managed to see the sunset. We were amused by the beautiful scenery. 
Most recent trip we had was to Bunga Raya Resort with Angeline's ex-schoolmate. It was a new island in KK.
It had a really nice scenery. All of us were eligible to go for snorkeling as it was included in our package, but we missed it. We were not well-prepared for the trip, so, we just walked around at the resort.
 Fishes in the water. Can you see it?
This could be the closest to the water photo that we had probably snapped. None of us were willing to take the risk to go nearer to the water especially when there is a kid around. What if our camera accidentally fell down into the water? PATHETIC, every time we had to forgo the chances to go near the sea or to snap some precious moment of us in the water. WHY? Just because our digital camera was NOT WATER-PROOF!

So far, that's all of 'my water moments' in KK. Then again, KK is a places surrounded by natures, so, besides going into the water, we also went up to the mountain.
View of Mount KK from Kundasang
But our camera was NOT even TEMPERATURE-PROOF! Both my sis and I went to the peak of Mount Kinabalu before and...
Angeline at The Peak
The digital camera that Angeline brought wasn't working because of the low temperature. It was lucky that her group of people had a camera which is working fine.
Jack and I at Mount KK
As for me, it was lucky that our Sony Ericson K810 is working fine. However, due to the mists and cold weather, the quality of the photo taken was really bad.
Perhaps, if I had the latest SONY TX5 *Water-Proof camera, everything will be different...
Perhaps, I can strike a nice pose and take a photo underwater...
( even if I'm near a shark because Sony TX5...)
comes with *Shock-Proof function
or Perhaps, I can get a clear photo at the Peak of Mount KK...because
SONY TX5 not only *Temperature-Proof but also *Dust-Proof
Moreover, it comes with 5 different colours. Slim and Stylish...What's more that I should be asking for?
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Dive in with the water-proof Cyber-shot TX5. Capture beautiful underwater shots up  to 3m deep for up to 60 minutes

The shock-proof design of the Cyber-shot TX5 allows drops of up to a height of 1.5m, the usual height we hold the camera for photo-taking. 

Keep on shooting even below freezing point up to –10ÂșC with this tough camera in harsh weather conditions.
With the superb dust-resistance of the Cyber-shot TX5, you can be assured to always get spotless images whatever the environment is!

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