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Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa @ Damai and Borneo 1945 Muzeum Kopitiam @ Gaya Street

Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa
Location: Same row of shops with Tong Hing
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 2/5
Fish Mee RM6.00
Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa is a well-known place for Fish Mee in KK. The Fish Mee is selling like 'hot-cakes' and most of the time it was sold out by 10am. The Fish Mee and assorted types of 'Fish' ingredients were homemade daily.

I'm lucky enough to reached Yung Hwa before 9.30am when the Fish Mee was still available. It was my first time having it. The Fish Mee was springy with a hint of sweetness. All the ingredients tasted so fresh and so springy. No wonder, it is so famous.
Laksa with Kolo Mee RM5.00
Jack wanted to eat Kolo Mee but craving for Laksa too. He ordered the Laksa with Kolo Mee. The Kuching Laksa soup was rich in spices taste but not very spicy. Not very rich in coconut milk yet still tasted flavourful.
Before the breakfast, I was at Borneo 1945 Muzeum Kopitiam which is located next to ATI College. While I was waiting for Jack to finish his class, I had my early coffee at the cafe.
It is one of the tourist's favourite spot. With the historical setting, the kopitiam's ambiance is quite special.
 Plenty of old photos were hanged at the wall in the kopitiam. Even the furniture looks old to me.
I'm here just for a drink, I ordered the Mocha Cappucino and online there for almost an hour.
Mocha Cappucino RM5.00
It comes with a piece of Rusk. First time having Mocha Cappucino served in an old-timer cup. Tasted pretty good.

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maslight said...

Oh I'm so tempted to try the fish mee, but hmm maybe one of these weekend. Oh but the kopitiam, very nice place, I've been there maybe years ago with a friend. The fewd is like home fewd XD

Monica said...

maslight: The fish mee is good but only manage to eat it if can reach there b4 9.30am. Sold out very fast.

Anonymous said...

wow..the fish mee look soooooooooooo yummy!!i wonder if muslim can enjoy that too...can u look for any chinese food that is good and halal??

Monica said...

PhyllisB: I tried my best to look for the 'Serve No Pork' sign or 'Halal' sign. Sometimes, there are just isn't any, that's why I didn't tag, or else, u can definitely find it at the Serve No Pork label or Halal label.

Anonymous: I'm not sure whether it is halal but the stall only sell 'Fish' except for the kuih stall there, not sure whether they are selling pork. Will try to check out whether there is any good chinese halal food.

Thanks for your support yah!!

PhyllisB said...

Yabah...I totally agree. Maybe it did not cross those operator's mind that putting up a "serve no pork" or "halal" sign would help with their biz. But then again perhaps this mee stall dun need anymore help considering they sell out by 10.30am!!! :) u just never know cos sometimes food like prawn mee would contain pork bones in d broth. Muslims who don't know better would consume it by mistake leh!!!!

NUYK said...

join u all next time ok :)

Monica said...

PhyllisB: Yup, we never know what's the ingredients they are using. That's why I wouldn't dare to tag the post with the 'Serve No Pork' label or else, it would be misleading.

NUYK: Ok, I'll ask Jack to arrange.

Aya said...

I want the fish mee!!!! Will find time to go on my way to office. They open early?

Monica said...

they open early..not sure what time, but by 7am, already start selling

Clarice said...

Monica: I knew this shop long long time ago when I was still in primary school. They have been selling well for years. Wanna try it out again... yummm yummm...

Phyllis: Could actually ask them whether it is halal next time.

杰少 said...

hi there, can you provide me map or full details of the following shop?

1) Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen
2)Restaurant Kok Man
3) Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa
Thanks ya..

Monica said...

杰少 : I had embedded a google map which I had highlighted the location of the restaurants you requested.

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