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Astro Event at 1Borneo Ballroom

$ronco$ Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I love my Sunday’s. It’s the only day of the week where I can rest and not worry about work. But on this particular Sunday, I was called upon to represent Core Fitness to perform a Yoga presentation for Astro’s “together with you carnival”

It was a collaboration between Astro’s Wah Lai Toi and core fitness to promote good health and living. At the same time exposing Core Fitness to a wider market.

It was a collaboration, or rather we THOUGHT it was a collaboration.

Upon reaching our venue of show (1Borneo Grand Ballroom, I was already disappointed to find out that it was a closed event “exclusively by invitation only”. I had earlier called Bobidom to come and watch me perform and to be pre-selected for a short game activity. Hence I had to (regretfully) inform bobidom not to come, although she was already nearing 1Borneo.

It also seemed that the organizing people had no clear authoritative figure. Each head of department hissing at Core Fitness about timing of our particular slot and equipment and so on, rather than having 1 clear liaisons personnel to convey any communication (or frustration). Each head taking turns to tell us off for all of our shortcomings.

They even scolded me for having a low-battery ipod from which the accompanying music for my yoga piece were to play from (mind you, my whole slot was less than 4 minutes and I had more than sufficient juice left on my ipod). THEY WERE A RUDE BUNCH OF PEOPLE, WHICH MADE US FEEL GUILTY FOR BEING THERE.
Another bad part was that their “sound engineer” sat there and did nothing to adjust the blaring volume for Danny’s dance show. Danny had to stop dancing and go down and adjust the volume himself, while the sound engineer sat and did nothing. The decibel on the music was off the roof, literally.

Next, they had an MC who said in Mandarin “well, our dancer has left the stage due stage jitters. I don’t blame him, I had my own jitters first time MC-ing as well” I was like, what the F%#K. Danny had had his fair share of on-stage performance and stage fright was not on his dictionary, my friends. Anyway, Danny eventually pulled a great show that can wow young audiences.
Unfortunately, there weren’t that many young audience. Apparently this particular Astro show, targets the middle aged to prime aged people. The silence from the crowd after Danny’s performance was numbing. You could almost hear the priest say : “ Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to say farewell and to remember that life that was…” The MC also did nothing to liven up the event as well.

So let us round up my Sunday afternoon that got me freakin pissed.
1. Bad and rude organizing committee
2. Lousy sound engineer.
3. Rigid MC
4. “deafening” crowd
5. Closed event.

But points numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 would NOT HAVE RUINED MY DAY, if only we had a pleasant organizer who appreciates our being there. I mean the show wasn’t even that big of a bang to be so bitchy and uptight about. If you didn’t want us there, then ALL OF US WOULD HAVE GLADLY STAYED AT OUR COZY HOMES, ass-wipe.
The Astro event at the South Atrium(main entrace) for children even packed twice the wallop that those jerk-offs.

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Aya said...

Ganbatte Danny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabar Monica~~ Sabar~~!

Screw you organizing committee!

Aya said...

Flexible monica! Pheweeeeeeeeet!!!!

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