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Hock Seng Cafeteria @ Kepayan, KK

Hock Seng Cafeteria
Location: shoplots at Lorong Bunga Tanjung
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 19/05/10
Economy Fried Noodle with Fish Cake and Stuffed Brinjal RM3.20

Staying in KK for almost 3 years, I've never venture into Kepayan area until today. This morning, Shirley brought me to a famous place for nice breads and Baos in Kepayan. Hiding in a secluded area at Kepayan, this Hock Seng Cafeteria serve good breads and pastries as well as Baos and some local snacks. Some of their hot selling products included egg tarts, Yau Char Kui, assorted type of Baos and glutinous rice dumplings.
Shirley recommended me to try the Fried Koay Teow but the stall only open during lunch hours and tea time. Hence, I ended up having the Economy Fried Noodle which looks quite tempting. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much and it tasted good.
Kuching Laksa RM4.50
Shirley goes for the Kuching Laksa. It comes with lots of shredded chicken, shredded egg and prawns. Taste wise, it was average.
Sugar Bun with Red Bean Filling RM1.20
Both me and Shirley couldn't resisted ourselves from trying the Sugar Bun with Red Bean Filling. The soft bun was coated with cream and sugar. It was sweet yet deliciously good. With red bean filling, it tasted more flavourful. Yummy! Highly recommended!
Before we leave, I managed to bought some bread and pastry to bring home. Shirley, on the other hand, planned to come back again around 4.30pm to buy the glutinous rice dumplings.
I bought the last three Egg Tarts, a loaf of bread and butter cakes.
Egg Tart RM1.20 each
My mom always said that Egg Tart with puff pastry tasted better but to me, I preferred the short crust pastry. The Egg Tart here was good. Thin layer of short crust pastry filled with thick layer of smooth egg custard.
Butter Cake(small) RM2.80
Bun RM2.00
Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Peanut Filling RM1.20
The Glutinous Rice Dumpling is only available at 4.30pm and it is selling like "hot cakes". The Glutinous Rice Dumpling that I got from Shirley, tasted really good. Sweet grounded peanuts with glutinous rice was such a good match.

Thanks Shirley for buying me the fresh from the oven bun and glutinous rice dumpling!
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merilynkee said...

Comment frm orang Kepayan: Hock Seng's tzu nyuk pau's quite famous. I usually buy Hock Seng's wholemeal bread @RM2.80 for making the weekend's sandwich lunch. It contains more wholemeal grains than most other 'wholemeal breads' from other bakeries, of course the best is still Hyatt Kinabalu International Hotel's Delicatessen's wholemeal bread! My daughter likes the plain bun @RM2 per pack.

Monica said...

I heard that the pau is good too.Will be back again for it.

Nicholas said...

Yup, the infamous 'kiu nyuk pau' is the reknowned item of Hock Seng. Bet you haven't tasted Pork + Yamin a pau b4! :D

Monica said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I really never try Kiu Nyuk Pau b4..Hungry now when thinking of food..

merilynkee said...

The moy choy pau's not bad too. Don't forget to try Uncle Yong's (he got the picture of a goat on his stall signboard!) char kway teow, his stall is in front of this shop.

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