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Toscani's @ Waterfront

Angeline Thursday, October 8, 2009 , , , , ,

If you love Italian food, you cannot miss out this restaurant. I'm actually craving for some oily food now. I have a dinner appointment with my friend from KL "Lynn" which is in KK for her business trip. I'm late, as usual when I teach I always give extra, overlapping time, luckily I ask my sister to go first, so she can keep her company. You must try their Lasagna, Pepperoni Pizza (yummy... the thin crust, lots of cheese and pepperoni), Seafood Platter, Fish & Chips (fish is so fresh, but the battered a bit thick, I like it anyway), Paella and Pasta. You can order more, portion are quite small, sharing will be great, so you can taste a bit of everything. If you want the food to taste good and hot, sit inside, outside wind to strong, food get cold fast, but outside will be more relaxing and better for chit chatting. Prepare to pay above RM100 meal & drinks for 3 persons. Total damages RM117.65 for 2 Fish & Chips, 1 Pepperoni Pizza, Mushroom Baked Cheese and Drinks.

Pepperoni Pizza

Fish & Chips

Mushrooms Bake Cheese


Nice Chilling outdoor seating, relaxing, breeze from sea

Food: 5/5
Servivces: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

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Terence said...

RM118 for 3 persons? Yowza!! :O Good thing it is 5/5. I am a sucker for Italian food. haha I can eat pasta morning, afternoon, night, anytime, everytime.

Angeline said...

Yeah, for Italian food in KK, I think this is the best one. Next time in KL I bring you somewhere for tong sui, there's one at Cheras area near Leisure Mall, at the round about turn left outside 7eleven got chee cheong fun and read bean tong sui, morning can get a very good Yong tau foo and Lam Mee, I think is Taman Megah, right before Leisure Mall

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