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Fook Yuen @ Asia City

Angeline Tuesday, October 13, 2009 , , , , ,
Ever wonder where is our favourite place for breakfast? Just like the local Sabahan, we love to go Fook Yuen for breakfast.

For your information, Fook Yuen is one of the famous yam char (drinking session) place that served the best roti kahwin(the irresistible breads served with butter and homemade kaya) in KK. If you ever pay a visit, you will find most of the visitors ordered the roti kahwin. However, they are also famous with other specialties such as nasi lemak, mihun siam and fried chicken wings.

We went there this morning for our breakfast. Here are some of the photos to share with you guys.

The shop is crowded most of the time

Some of the snack foods available

One of their specialties; Chicken wings

Varieties of yong tau foo

Fried eggs, one of the popular choice to add-on to our fried noodles

Varieties of local pastries

Monica's favourite; pulut panggang

Varieties of cakes

Frozen yogurt ice cream

The homemade kaya that sells like hot cake

Our order; 2 sets of wholemeal roti kahwin panggang and kit chai ping which cost us RM6.20

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
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Anonymous said...

Itz Ok 4 muslim...i mean HALAL?

Monica said...

Yeah, I remember I saw a Halal sign hanging in the shop. Only Asia City branch is Halal, Damai Branch is Non-Halal.

Alan Chen said...

I too always breakfast at there ....

a.l.u.s said...

I wonder what brand of teriyaki sauce they're using..cos all the teriyaki sauce in store got rice its Non Halal...
ermm..anyone knw the brand they're using??

Anonymous said...

can i know the history of fook yuen?

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