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Welcome Seafood Restaurant @ Bundusan

Wow! Tonight really tired after teaching 2 back to back Studio Cycle, burned 11oo calories. I want to eat fish again, don't know why craving for fish this few days. Welcome Seafood Restaurant served cheap seafood, all locals know this place well, with under RM100 you can have crab, fish and prawn. Unfortunately they don't have any nice fresh fish left, only have tilapia, ok, better then nothing. House specialty Steamed Patin with Spicy Bean Sauce, Salad Tofu, Mongolian Chicken, Kam Heong Crab and Butter Prawn. Me and my sister already running out of energy, we just order and wait for our food, talk nothing, mouth wide open, blured and tired.

Assam Steamed Tilapia Fish, RM27

Sweet & Spicy Stir-Fried Prawn, RM18

Hot & Sour Soup, RM8

Stir-Fried Sabah Vegetables with Garlic, RM8

4 dishes, RM61 + 2 rice, RM2 + 2 drinks, RM3.60
Total bill: RM66.60

Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5 Best Blogger Tips


ardyoung said...

there is a kedai makan the same row with this restaurant but on the next block called Restoran Foh Chuan (Beaufort style) that i think you guys should give a try. they are only opened for breakfast and lunch. i like their mee hoon goreng kering but all their dishes are not bad.

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