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Qing Zhou Xiao Cai @ Beverly

Today my off day, not feeling to well, went for massage with Monica at City Mall. After that head straight to the gym for my training and wait for my sister to finish work, taught Pilates. She ask where are we going for dinner, porridge, let's go to Beverly. This restaurant serve Taiwanese style porridge and dishes, owner are Taiwanese. At dinner time this restaurant is always packed, so make sure you go a bit early. Menu are written in Chinese , no English, but there're picture of dishes on the menu, don't worry, almost all the dishes are good, just pick anything you like.

4 Dishes & Porridge for 2 person RM44

Braised Pork w/preserved vegetables

Bitter Gourd w/salted egg

Stir-Fried Vegetables w/garlic

Steam Fish Fillet w/garlic & vinegar sauce

Our 2nd trip back, dinner with Danny

Tung Po Rou, yummy! We went back to this restaurant for dinner the other day with Danny, order some other dishes and some same old dishes that I must have, haha. Total dinner bill: RM69 for 3 person
 Toa Kan Chow, RM9, this was really good, recommended by the shop owner

Danny favourite vegetables Si Gwai Tao

My favourite Stir-Fried Vegetables

I will always order this everytime, steamed fish fillet with vinegar and garlic, I just love it

Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
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ardyoung said...

have wondered for a while now how good this place is so will definitely try it as the food looks really tasty (hungry lah now) - LOL

Angeline and Monica said...

Really nice, must order the steamed fish fillet with garlic vinegar, I love it and their porridge really smooth, yummmy, hungry also. Oh! Danny said they do have English version menu, just need to request for it :)

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