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Oyster King @ The Garden Mid Valley

Angeline Monday, October 26, 2009 , , , , , ,
This morning while waiting for the camera shop to open, I make another trip back to this Oyster King Stall, located on LG floor of The Garden just right in front of Din Tai Fung Restaurant. Well, I order quite a lot, wanted to try everything on their menu.
I really have nothing to complain about their food, everything are nice, delicious, for my taste bud. Spend about RM40, eat and take away for my mum and brother. So good, we can find great street food in the mall now, clean and most important delicious.

Oyster Omelete, RM6

My Set meal RM9.80, Glutinious Rice + Pumpkin Cake + Tea

Glutinious Rice with oyster, peanuts and mushroom, just one word....yummy

Pumpkin Cake also come with the set meal, delicious

House Speacialty - Fried Carrot Cakes RM5, I didn't order this, given to me free, maybe because I was the 1st customer in the morning and order so many take away

Must try their Wun Cai Ko, really good!

Set Meal only RM9.80

Order take away for my family

Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Oyster King, Located next to Din Tai Fung Restaurant

Restaurant DIN TAI FUNG
Great place to have Siew Loong Pau (Steamed Dumpling)
One of the famous chain store restaurant that operated in many countries

Dumplings and some of their dishes are really good
Go for the beef La Mian, you wont' be disappointed

After I bought my Panasonic Camera, walk home, I live in Mid Valley. Mum send me to KL Sentral to catch a train to KLIA.

Lunch - On Board MAS (Air Bus)
Best ever meal I ever had on the plane, Satay Chicken with Fried Rice, the satay meat so tasty and lean, chicken breast, satay sauce thick, creamy and delicious goes so well witht he rice. Come with Malay kuih dessert and Ferrero Rochelle chocolate. MAS should do this more often, well, probalby not, I'm on Airbus, International flight, that's why food and services of the stewardess were better.

Touch the ground of KKIA at 4:30pm, taking a taxi home RM40 (price increased RM10)
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