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Restaurant Kuo Man @ Sunny Garden

Restaurant Kuo Man is located at Sunny Garden, opposite of Razz Ma Taz. This restaurant is very famous with it 'Ngiup Wat' (Beef) , ' Yu Wat' (Fish) , fresh fish fillets, fresh prawns and 'Ngiup Chap' . If you are lucky enough, you will get to eat their 'Ham Chin Peng' too (which is always sold out).

We went to this restaurant for breakfast today. As we reached there around 11.30am, most of their specialties had been sold out. We only get to ordered Yu Wat, fresh prawn, Ngiup Wat and Ngiup Chap. Even their porridges are sold out. So, we ordered two kon lou mee.

Ngiup wat mixed with fresh prawn RM6 (the beef tasted good and the prawn is very fresh)

Ngiup chap RM6 (the soup have a strong herbs taste, I like it)

Yu wat RM5 ( it was made from fresh fish, it tasted good)

Kon lou mee RM1.50/plate (most people ordered kon lou mee, it tasted good, you can't find it in KL)

Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

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Talk3Talk4 said...

it's mesmerizing dining there eh. just fantastic... loved it.


1_3m0nZaiIi~~ said...

nice food!! but.... owez very crowded, hard to get a sit..... go try the 'Yu Wat' + 'Sui jiao' in Likas shop, opposite of All Saint secondary school, near to the post office. its cheap, tasty, large

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