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Radiant Asia Dessert Shop @ Foh San

Angeline Wednesday, October 21, 2009 , , , , , ,

Ha! You see what I see? After dinner at How Lee Coffee Shop, we walk across the road for dessert, my sister actully don't want to have anything anymore, she's so full but I insisted cause I'm still feeling very thirsty, need some ice cold dessert "ABC". I ordered Guava Sour Sop Cocktail ABC, Hung Tou Sar (Orange Peel Red Bean Soup), 2 Siew Bao (baked pork bun), 3 Gin Tui ( fried sesame ball w/readbean filling), Total damages RM11.80.
They have quite a lot of variety on the menu, from main course, set meal, dessert, porridge, side dishes and even Tai Chow (freshly cook dishes). Self-service style, order and pay at the cashier first. Worth trying! Satisfied! Heading home now.....lalalala

Guava Soursop Cocktail ABC RM5.50, to my suprise this combination was really nice, yummy, I finished the whole thing.

Hung Tou Sar (Orange Peel Red Bean Soup), RM2.50, me and my sister agreed, long time we had never tasted a good hung tou sar, thumbs up for this! Not sweet, just nice & smooth, don't have strong orange peel smell, just yummmy!

Gin Tooi (Fried Sesame Ball w/redbean filling),RM2.00 , full after having our dessert, so we just take one bite, taste good, gonna take away for Jack

We also take one bite of the Siew Bao (Baked Char Siu sauce Pork Bun), RM1.80, this is good as well, take way for Jack

2 desserts and 2 type of snacks, RM11.80

Siew Bao

Selections of side oder

That's the cashier, you need to order and pay first, then they will serve it to you, self-service style

Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

For your info. 
This Restaurant No Longer in Operation (pass by on 5th Jan 2010, saw the signboard been taken off and Closed)
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abby said...

hey gals.. check this out..
1, cheese cake in maple cafe damai(opposite glory church)-noon or nite
2, fish noodles in jin jin hiltop (beside prudential building)p/s must look for fish cake-morning or noon
3, beef noodles ka hiong ngau chap in hiltop(the other side from prudential building, beside fu pin dim sam)-morning or noon
4, chicken rice in luyang (on yan oi side, beside toto)-noon
5, tanam mee in towering penampang (same row with car accesories centre , it's in corner)
6, ju siang ting 'eat rice' in lido highway(from listas side go straight to lido highway, til u see a petronas on ur left, after pettonas turn left, go straight til u see the restaurant)-nite
7,peppermint in gaya street"vietnam food" (beside ocbc bank)-noon
huh.. i hope this could help on ur blog.. cheers happy eating.. abby:)

Angeline and Monica said...

Thanks for your suggestion. Appreciated it, will go there and try soon.

Monica said...

Just received some info from my friend, the desserts here is nice only if there are fresh. My friend went there twice and she was unlucky to have ordered the desserts which had probably been keep overnight.It tasted funny and a bit sour, most probably the dessert had turn bad.

chaileing said...

Fohsan now have Facebook,welcm go to like ths page and suggest to your friends~~!/pages/fu-shan-cha-lou-Foh-San-Restaurant-Sdn-Bhd/170747559615856

chaileing said...!/pages/fu-shan-cha-lou-Foh-San-Restaurant-Sdn-Bhd/170747559615856

ths s Fohsan Facebook link,welcm go to like ths page n suggest to ur frds~~

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