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Hawker Stalls @ Sadong Jaya ( in front of Affin Bank)

Angeline Saturday, October 17, 2009 , , , , , ,

If you are from KL, Ramly Burger stalls will be very common but in K.Kinabalu you can hardly find a good one. After dinner at King Hu Restaurant @ Tanjung Aru, we decided to drop by Sadong Jaya hawker stalls (in front of Affin Bank) to try up the Ramly Burger, Jack friend's recommended it. There're 3 burger stalls at Sadong so I leave the job for Jack to search which is the one, so he found it, we actually just standing right in front of it. My friend's who are regular patron here also tell me that you can find a good soup tulang and soto ayam here, so I will show you which stall in the photos. We then order 2 Tripple Special Beef Burger, we seated and ordered drinks from the stall in the middle.

Tripple Special Beef Burger RM5.50 (Double Beef patties, Cheese and egg)

Just make sure you get your burger from this stall "Zoom Burger"

Zoom Burger Stall

Zoom Burger Stall

Grilled chicken wing stall just located beside Zoom Burger stall

Satay Stall also located beside Zoom Burger stall

Satay Stall, also selling rice and selection of dishes

This stall have the most patrons, fried noodles, rice and malay dishes

Same stall, famous for their soup tulang and soto

Same stall, you can see local just head straight to this stall, must be good

Next hawker stall, all selling the same style of food annd drinks

Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness:2/5 Best Blogger Tips


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