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King Hu Restaurant @ Tanjung Aru Old Town

Me, Monica and Jack went for a movie at 1Borneo, watched 5pm show, so when finish we drove straight to Tanjung Aru for dinner cause Danny, Chrisrtine, Elaine and Katherine already waiting at King Hu Restaurant. Danny is so crazy for roast duck, so to satisfied his taste bud, we join him, haha. Reservation is a must if you want to dine here and pre order your Peking Duck. We managed to reach the restaurant 10mins late only. They had ordered all the dishes, dishes were served in just 10 mins time, then we only spend 25 mins to down all the food, fastest dinner ever. Restaurant was too crowded and noisy so we don't chat much, just eat and go. Total bill come to RM136.80 for 6 dishes serving 7 person

Roast Duck Peking Style RM35 ( 2 ordered )

Peking Duck, wrap, other dishes, I really like sweet sauce, so I like the duck wrap top with sauce.

Famous Pork Cold Dish

Pork Dumpling, this is nice

Duck Soup, taste a bit funny, mints and milk

Seafood Stir-fried Tofu, every table ordered this dish

Fried Man Tou, this suppose to be eaten with Kung Pow Chicken but we didn't ordered

Our dinner dishes

Wow! Look at the crowds, and they keep coming

Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5 Best Blogger Tips


aladdinworks9 said...

Dear Monica, Angeline and Jack,
I just when to this establishment last night and would like to share with you my experience. I shall put in writing categorically;
1) The management should do something about their Chief Waitress (Maitre de), she should be sent to public relations academy to polish up her 'in-your-face-rudeness'.
2) Her language (be it mandarin or other language) skill should be polished as she return to me with the wrong dish that I ordered (Imagine I ask for Beef Watan Hor and it came back as Seafood Watan Hor while she kept insisting she was right and had written it down).
3) No menu was ever presented to me during this entire episode (this shouldn't be happening as I am a first timer).
4) There were cockrocahes running around on the floor and when some other guest were screaming annoucing it's presence, the waitress just gave a 'in-your-face-grin'. ironically, the main cash counter had a grade 'A' certificate from DBKK prominently exhibited.

I just hope guest to this establishment either local or abroad may not seccumb to food poisoning and this just may give a bad impression to our state of food hygiene practice.

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