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Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant @ WATERFRONT

Angeline Friday, October 16, 2009 , , , , ,
I love Northern Indian food, you'll find me hanging around Waterfront almost every Friday evening. I like it here because I can feel the breeze from the sea and of course the food gotta be good. This dinner trip, I decided to take more photos to show all my friends in KL how Waterfront look like and the restaurants and pubs available here, so when there visit KK will drop by Waterfront for their dinning experience.

Sheekh Mutton Kebab (RM17.90), too salty and strong smell. Should have order Tandoori Whole Fish

For my dinner, I ordered Sheekh Mutton Kebab RM17.90, Tandoori Chicken Thigh RM10.90, Kadai Sabzi RM11.90, Curry Gravy RM4.00, Garlic Naan RM4.90 and Lime Juice RM5.90

Mutton Sheekh Kebab

So far this is the best Tandoori Chicken Thigh I can find in town and price are reasonable

Kadai Sabzi

Garlic Naan

Fish(green) & Chicken Tikka(red) RM28.90

Kadai Sabzi, Fish & Chicken Tikka and Tandoori Leg

Yong Tau Foo Stall (Every Friday they will be Chee Cheong Fun available), weekend will be crowded, if you're seated at other restaurant, you must order minimum 12pcs then only they will bring over for you, definitely won't serve to Cock & Bull Bistro

Yong Tau Foo Stall, Soup Noodles and Kon Lau Mien also available

Seating area at the Yong Tau Foo Stall

Aussie Bar, only tried it once, don't really like their burger cause they don't used burger bun, burger with normal white bread. But recently change owner so don't know any changes on their food

Great place for drinking and catching up with friends but I don't drink so not first choice

Most of my friends like to hang around here cause they have life music band start at 9pm I think

Restaurant in this further up corner are very quite, I mean almost no business, don't know how they can survive

K-Box (Karaoke), I guess this stall were cater for the Karaoke Centre, you can see no patron at all

Aesha Corner, most of the local will hang around here for food and teh tarik, I guess cheaper though

Aesha Corner, on Saturday and Sunday, you can hardly find a seat here, serving Malay food, Nasi, Mee Goreng and other Malay dishes

Aesha Corner also famous with their Satay, especially for the tourists

Thai Restaurant, not sure is it a new one, never try it before

Toscani's Italian Restaurant, I love the food here, pizza, fish & chips, pasta, paella.....almost everything in the menu are good

Toscani's Italian Restaurant

Oregano Cafe, their menu look very interesting and quite crowded on weekend, must try thier food one of this day

Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 5/5 Best Blogger Tips


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