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Hilltop Restaurant @ Hilltop

Angeline Sunday, October 25, 2009 , , , , , ,
Whenever we passed by Hilltop in the evening, without fail, we noticed Restaurant Hilltop is crowded with people.It always make me wondered how good is their food and what is it so special about the restaurant.

We decided to pay a visit to the restaurant for dinner. We reach there around 9pm and some of the dishes were already sold out (their business is really good). It left us with no choices but to ordered whatever that is still available.

Hot and sour soup RM6 ( tasted just so-so..)

Stir-fried vegetables with eggs RM8 (we are lucky to get the last plate)

Curry Assam Fish Fillet RM12 (supposed to be Fish Head but sold out, the tasted is good and the fish is fresh)

Sizzling tofu with minced pork RM8 (it's nice)

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 2/5 Best Blogger Tips


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