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Angeline Thursday, October 29, 2009 , , , , , , ,


Tonight we are heading to Bundusan, next to Wong Kwok Restaurant (Go Kart), for dinner. Allison recommended this place, she said they served nice assam fish here. I love assam fish, so must go, just to let you know that there are 3 branches of Kim Fah but I think only this Kim Fah (Beaufort) Restaurant at Wong Kwok area, food is nice, the other 2 branches, food just so so only, too oily.
My mum always cooked a very delicous assam fish, our whole family favourite, this really taste like my mum's cooking, I love it. The other dish that's good is the 3 flavors pork rib (San Wei Pai Ku), seafood tofu (prawn, fresh) and I saw the table next to me other something very special as well, ask for their specailty when your order. If you order fried noodles, portion is quite big, value for money.
I will definitely coming back for the "Assam Fish" (you can choose fish fillet, belly or head) and pork ribs, so yummy!

 San Wei Pai Ku (3 Flavor Pork Ribs), Thumbs Up! Yummy
 Seafood Tofu
Assam Fish Belly (Thumbs Up!, Yummy, just taste like the way my mum cooked)
 Stir-Fried Choy Sum with garlic
 Asam Fish Belly, Pork Ribs, Stir-Fried Vegetable, Seafood Tofu, Rice & 2 Sky Juices,  Total: RM41

Food: 5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3/5 Best Blogger Tips


ardyoung said...

i'm glad to hear you guys enjoyed the food here. i don't really like to recommend places to eat as each person have different taste so i may like the food but you might not. the asam fish is one of my favourite but don't always order it as i would ask to tambah nasi so very dangerous lah. but now i can always order it but have to make sure that i go for your spinning class the next day Angeline - ha ha ha ha

Angeline said...

Thanks, really love the food and price are reasonable as well, mmmmm still thinking about the asam fish....slurppp :p

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