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Station 13 @ Citymall

Recently in Citymall, there is a new eateries place which serves noodles and porridges. If you have notice, just located at the same row of shop with The Hut, Station 13 is always packed with people during lunch hours. We have received quite a good reviews from our fellow members in the gym.

Finally, we decided to have our lunch there today. We ordered their specialties noodles; prawn wantan noodles and HK ngiup chap noodles.

Monica ordered; Prawn wantan noodles RM6.50

HK Ngiup Chap noodles RM7.50

Our drinks; Ribena Soda and Cucumber with Plum, prices at Rm4 and RM5

According to Monica, the prawn wantan noodles doesn't tasted that good but as for my HK ngiup chap, the tasted was alright. I think the prices for the noodles is reasonable but for the drinks, is a bit too expensive.

Food: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
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