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Lido Square Food Court @ Lido

Angeline Wednesday, September 21, 2011 , , ,

I found a stall in Lido Food court selling Teo Chew Porridge. Teo Chew Porridge, a rice soup that has a more watery consistency than its Cantonese cousin. It is commonly served with various salty accompaniments such as salted vegetables (kiam chai), preserved radish (chai por), boiled salted duck eggs, fried salted fish and fried peanuts.

Teo Chew Porridge Stall @ Lido Food Court
Teo Chew Porridge Set, RM6.00
Fried Fish
2 X Kitchai Ping,RM6.00
Vegetable, RM8.00
I order the rest of my food from a Tai Chow stall next to the Daging Salai corner.
Fried Glass Noodle, RM6.00
Not too oily, nice flavor and lots of vegetable

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