A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant @ Kingfisher

In Kingfisher area, you can find a delicious, nutritious and relatively inexpensive vegetarian food restaurant. It is located on the upper floor of shop, above a Mamak restaurant. At vegetarian restaurants they serve vegetarian dishes which resembles many meat dishes in look and even taste although they are made solely from vegetarian ingredients. You can get vegetarian lamb, steamed fish, chicken, prawn complete with it authentic looks.

A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant @ Kingfisher
Located above Restaurant Razzali "Mamak"

Soup of the day (free)
Stir-fried Bak Choy, RM6.00
Tom Yam Fried Rice, RM6.50
Very appertising sourish flavor fried rice, popular order here, not to everyone liking
Tom Yam Fried Glass Noodle, RM6.00
Very generous serving of ingredients, big portion size but the sourish tomyam taste will not for everyone liking, although I like this cause it really make my appetite up!
Fried Golden Egg Noodle, RM6.00
The noodle is a recommended dish here, no complain...very good indeed!
Total paid for dinner, RM26.00


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