Food Village Steamboat

I'm going to 1Borneo for dinner tonight, cause is nearby, thinking of something with soup, got it 'Steamboat'. I've never step into the Food Village in 1Borneo before because the food doesn't seem appealing to me, but I'm going to try their steamboat buffet tonight, pay at the counter then they serve. Not cheap though, RM21 per person, I ordered tom yum soup, not much flavour, just for the crave of steamboat so I try out this place, not much choices, refilling very slow. Not a great dinner, just to fill up my stomach and satisfied my craving of having soup and steamboat, that was all I can say....hmmm... not everyday good food though!


Seafood, so so

Vegetables better

Buffet Selections

Food: 2/5
Services: 2/5
Cleanliness: 2/5


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