Playground @ City Mall

We were very honored to be invited to Playground at Citymall by Mr. Dominic. After enjoying their food at Partyplay @ Lintas, we were very excited to be able to try some more of their good stuff at their latest outlet here at City Mall.

Playground @ City Mall (KK Food Fest 2012 Participant)
M-1-1 and  M-1-2 (1st Floor), City Mall,
Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088-487210
Mr. Dominic Chung and Margaret Too

 First off, we were treated to mushroom tempura with wasabi mayo (RM8.00). The tempura crust was soft but crunchy while the mushroom was sweet and chewy, the mayo itself has a mild heaty sensation that kicks in a few seconds after initial contact with your tongue.
We also had a chance to try out one of their all day breakfast menu, Eggs, served in the Spanish way (RM12.00) What is it exactly?  It is omelet  with spicy sausage, bathed in mushroom butter cream, served with thick toast to go with all that goodness. The omelet was soft and flufy, and the cream was savoury and very rich.
Next up, we had a special fusion pizza of Teriyaki Unagi with Bonito (RM16.00). A very special feeling, very unlike the normal italian styled pizza, and it is a must try dish for the more adventerous diners.
Another fusion dish was presented to us, and this time it is the Smoked Duck Aglio Olio (RM16.00). Well maybe its not as fusion, but the spicy, local chilli aglio olio, does add a little local touch in this dish. The duck was also very fragrant, sweet and skillfully sliced, while the pasta was al dente.
If you think that Playground is all about western food, then you couldn't be any more wrong, as this restaurant serves a wide variety of food that satisfies a wide range of taste. One of them is the Famous Singapore Laksa (RM12.00). The soup was lightly spiced but very rich and full of body. The prawn was sweet and the noodles is the original "laksa noodle"
Of course, no lifestyle restaurant worth its salt will leave out crowd favorite menu, that is the Burger (RM18.00). This is a hand made beef patty that comes with 2 slices of cheese and eggs, served with thick cut fries. The patty had a very meaty flavour, and only minium spices was required so as to feel the beefiness. The egg was a nice twist with the yolk melting and becoming a ad hoc sauce for your already juicy burger.
Just like, Partyplay, as good as their savoury dishes are, their undisputed strength is in their pastry and sweet stuff. First up, we had their signature dark chocolate with milk ice cream (RM12.00). The chocolate sauce inside this firm outer pastry  ooze with goodness. It is rich and creamy, yet, is not overly sweet, so you get to enjoy the chocolate. Mix it around with the ice cream and it becomes even richer.
Next up, we had the moist chocolate cake (RM8). The cake was full-bodied and rich in chocolaty goodness. The cake was firm and hold itself well.
Next up, we had the Carrot Cake (RM8). Flavourful cake and rich as well, the sweet cake is mixed together with savoury shaved cheddar for its topping. A very nice combination indeed.
We also had the Fruit Tart (RM8). The tart pastry itself was firm and crunchy, while the mango fruit was sweet and fragrant.
Lastly, we had helpings of huge Belgian Waffles, they come in 3 different styles, such as chocolate sauce, Maple syrup, bananas and berries. Ours came in berries and ice-cream. Each waffles costs RM12.00. The waffles were thick and slightly crunchy, while the berries were nicely frozen and bodes well with the ice cream. Let the ice cream melt for awhile and the cream will drench the waffles very nicely.
We had a try of the following beverages to help us down all those wonderful goodies. We had the Green Tea Latte (RM4.90), Lemon Pink Soda (RM5.90) as well as the Green apple fresh juice that comes with sour plum and Soda (RM7.90)
Green Tea Latte
Lemon Pink Soda
Sour plum and soda

Playground Menu
All Day Breakfast Promotion from RM6++


New Branches...
Opening Soon.... on 20th July 2012
Party Play Gaya Street
No.117 Jalan Gaya (cross opposite pizza hut) 
Tel: 088-211210
Party Play will be launching new menu combining with playground menu to feature more Asia delight like laksa, curry chicken, mushroom cha soba, fried rice and etc...more choices of beer and liqueur are offered.
For more info please visit
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Anonymous said…
I dined here with my family members last saturday.

1. Cozy ambiet
2. Environmental friendly decorations
3. My son loves playing on the couch seat
4. Friendly staff
5. Unique food presentation eg: pizza on a cutting board

1. Many food item was not available, on a saturday night? Prime time?
2. Serving portion was small especially the pizza, at that price RM18.
3. Food was not presented as in menu, lacking eg : fried rice.
4. The salad side dish that accompany our main dish was OK except the dressing - its raining sesame oil! Sesame is too strong as a salad dressing, should use Sunflower or Olive oil instead.
5. The molten chocolate cake has chucks of egg shell.......

Thats all.

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