Huge Cafe @ Damai

Huge Cafe, is actually a small eatery, located at the corner of Damai plaza, nearest to Glory Church. The namesake derives from its huge burgers, so huge that Adam Richman would himself throw down the towel, well, maybe not really, but he'll come close. Being big eater’s we relish at the invitation to review this restaurant.

Huge Cafe @ Damai (KK Food Fest 2012 Participant)
Damai, Kota Kinabalu, MY. 
Tel: 088-248 788 
Business hours:  Tue - Wed: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm/ Thu - Sun: 11:30 am - 11:30 pm
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Then came the dish we’ve all been waiting for and the whole reason we came here – its famed huge burgers, 1 thick patty of deep fried crispy chicken and 1 thick patty of deep fried crispy fish. Laid together on a bed of crisp lettuce, tomatoes, drizzled with mayonnaise and ketchup, smacked between firm, fragrant fresh-from-the-oven bun. You’d have to be tee total vegetarian to miss this awesome goodness. A myriad of texture and taste, the mind struggles to decipher which sensation to give in. In the end it’s all about laying back and enjoy, so that all that toil the chef go through, will not be in vain. This monster of a sandwich costs RM20.80 but comes with fries and soft drink or Huge Cafe’s signature drink. Add RM2.50 to get a bowl of mushroom cream soup for an even filling meal.
If you’ve got a small belly but want a piece of the action Huge Cafe has to offer, then fret not, a smaller version is available for the petite appetite. One of these that we had the honour to sample was the Single beef burger. The patty was homemade and hand pressed skilfully to retain the juiciness. The beef was also fragrant but with minimal marination. It comes with fries and the whole show costs RM10.90
Besides serving western food, they also offer a good variety of local dish. One of these is the Fried Fish slice in soup matched with kon lau mee. The fish was tasty and fresh sans the sea smell, and the broth was fragrant and tasty. The noodles were springy, firm and had a nice earthy taste from the sauce. This dish costs RM8.00, and you can also pair the noodles with Fish head (RM9.00) and chicken chop (RM6.90)
We also had a sample of their pizza. A unique topping of chicken and eggplant, is not a topping one forgets easily, nor is it widely available in Italian eateries or fast food chain. What it leave is a slightly mushy and savoury aftertaste, but the since it shares the same texture as the mozzarella cheese, it feels fuller and more body. This pizza costs RM15.50
We also had the black pepper beef spaghetti. The heat from the black pepper and capsicum leaves a fragrant and spicy taste, adopting a more oriental rather than continental approach. The beef was tender and tasty and went well with the overall assembly. This dish costs RM12.50
Next, we had a happy meal, no not the kind you can find from the golden arches. We called it happy due to the smiley face drawn in ketchup on the face of the sunny side up. If that wasn’t enough to cheer you up, then the sides probably will. Deep fried juicy crunchy chicken drenched in cheddar cheese sauce, and fresh cold coleslaw. So maybe you think they took a page out of colonel sanders book, but then again it’s still a good execution, furthermore, you have sautéed rice to boot, which gives a variety blend of texture and flavour. This dish costs RM8.50, and with an additional RM2.50, you get an bowl of mushroom cream soup

Oriental styled pasta
The chicken rice is not the only menu that resembles the good colonel’s recipe, as the next dish will show: Cheesy Wedges and Cheesy fries. All the crunchyness and mushy action all at once, united in matrimony with savoury thick and rich cheese sauce, makes an already western staple, a boost of stardom. This Carby goodness costs RM6.50 each
Cheesy fries
Huge Cafe also has sweets and cakes to offer. We had cream puff, which had a firm crust with soft filling, but not too sweet. Each cream puff costs RM1.80.

Cream Puff
If you love milk, then you’re gonna love the next dessert. Pure milk pudding that is so rich, they must have reduced a big bottle of milk into a small cup. It was so thick that it was able to hold its own, even as you tilt the cup. A slight sweet taste gives it a nice creamy sweety goodness. Pudding costs RM3.50
We had the chocolate éclair and white chocolate éclair (RM1.80). Firm crusted pastry with soft crosssection filled with foamy cream inside. The topping was also a nice sweet chocolatey sensation.

White Chocolate eclair
To help down all those scrumptious meal and cakes, why not try out their smoothies and drinks, cooling, delicious and tasty, have a try at these drinks. First up, mango smoothie (RM4.00)
Passion Green Tea (RM4.00)
Kam Guat Honey (RM4.00)
Red Bean Smoothie (RM4.50)
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