Bintulu Korean Restaurant @ Lintas

We at KK here have benefited from the large presence of Koreans. Save for the recent unsavoury arsonist incident, this community have otherwise been peaceful and contributed a lot to our local economy. One such economic entity would be Bintulu Korean restaurant, serving authentic Korean Cuisine. It’s proprietor, Mr.Han, through our hard working contact, Mr. Alfred Allen, has invited us to feast and try out his interpretation of Korean Cuisine.

Bintulu Korean Restaurant (KK Food Fest 2012 Participant)
Lot 1-1.1st Floor.
Block E.Lrg Lintas Plaza,
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-270470


Tea for everyone....

We had the Bugolgi, which is a mix of stewed and grilled thin slices of beef. Due to the thinness of the beef, you can really concentrate on its sweetness and bursting flavours. This dish will cost you RM30.00

Mr. Han (owner) of Bintulu Korean Restaurant

Mr. Han, during his younger day....don't!

We also had the Pahjon (special pancake). It is a slightly sweet and savoury dish. This pancake contains seafood much like how egg omelettes hold its innards. The sweetness of the pastry complements the flavours of the sea very well indeed. The dipping sauce is adds some saltiness and fragrance should you require it. This dish will cost you RM22.00
Jab Chae
Next, we had the Jab Chae, which is glass vermicelli. The name derives due to its translucent form. Made from green beans, it has a soft and slithering texture, much more smooth than normal yellow noodles. The noodles were fast-stirfried to maintain firmness while releasing fragrance from the herbs, mushroom and pork. This dish costs RM20.00
Yukke Jang
Next up, we had the Yukke Jang, or soury- savoury-spicy beef soup (RM22.00). This soup packs the sort of awesomeness that will ignite appetite, guaranteed. How so? Sour taste usually will ignite that feeling of wanting to eat, especially in hot climate country, furthermore, the spicyness and heat from the broth awakens the taste buds. So is a very appropriate appetizers. The beef were torn into fibrous bits, very unique, as its chewiness doesn’t irritate since it’s consumed in small long bits, instead of chunky ones.
Seafood Rice Cake (Dubokki)
Next up, we had seafood rice cakes (RM28), a huge hot stone plate with sizzling stew of seafood and chewy rice cakes. The seafood was sweet and fragrant, while the rice cakes was also slightly sweet, and very chewy. The chewing action will send signals to brain indicating fullness. A very good dish if, you’re on a low carb diet. The broth was also sour and spicy. But fear not, the spiciness leans on the beginners end.

Pork Rib
Honey Pork
Spicy Pork
Fresh Lettuce and Bean Paste
No Korean dinner is complete without a barbeque/grill pot in the middle of the table. Hence, the star of the evening finally made its presence. Raw pork in 3 different settings. This 3 types of pork are, Honey (RM28),  Rib (RM30) and normal marination (RM26). All 3 gives out the wondrous sizzling shriek as meat touches hot stone grill. The room is filled with its fragrance and saliva gland starts kicking in. It’s hard to hold a steady hand on the camera when your knees are weak.   The fat from the pork holds all the flavour, and is transfused to the rest of the fragrant meat. The cooked meat is consumed by wrapping the pork with cabbage like a spring roll. According to your preference, the meat can be accompanied by the assortment of side small dishes.

This how you eat it...
Side dishes
That brings us to the exciting (to the eyes and palates) small side dishes, which is just as compulsory as the grill itself. The mini dishes consists of many variation and also different from one restaurant to another. It will usually consists of the staple Kim-Chi, a spicy, pickled Chinese Cabbage. A good appetizer due to its souryness, the Bintulu’s rendition is catered for beginners or spicy-adverse diners.  Besides that there is also the anchovies, dried sautteed beans, stir fried ferns, jelly-fish. A very nice accompaniment for the main grilled meat.
Korean Sake
We also had a sip of the Korean Sake, or rice wine (RM30). Very refreshing and a nice punctuation to a hearty meal. Bitter-sweet and fragrant yet won’t punch you in the face, if you can hold your liquor of course. Although the key word here is – moderation.

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