Red Place @ Penampang

Tucked in a corner of Towering, lies an unassuming yet cosy little eatery called the Red place. At first glance, one could be forgiven for expecting Chinese dishes on the menu, not least judging from its namesake. It is at this warm friendly place, that a bunch of lens totting, QWERTY pounding young people were invited to feast on their interpretation of how food are made in the west.
So allay your presumptions now, for this is restaurant serves western and continental food that packs a pow both visually and taste. They are also available for hired chef for your private function. Contact Doris Lee (019-8269366) or Weng Fui (016-8153488)
Red Place
(Neighborhood Towering)
Lot 18 Ground Floor, Taman Victory,
Batu 4 1/2 Jalan Penampang,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Tel: 088-710 762
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Red Place

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A variation of smoothie is available to cool down your belly for a sumptuous meal ahead of you. All smoothies are priced at RM6.50. Picture on top is the lychee smoothie
Mango smoothie
Blueberry smoothie
Durian Smoothie
Oreo Frappe
Strawberry Frappe
Nice cold beers available from RM6.00 per can onwards.

First up, we had a strictly vegetables only salad- Garden salad with balsamic dressing. A nice soury pang of the balsamic vinegar is always a welcoming taste to complement the wholesome goodness of the fresh garden salad. This healthy hearty meal cost RM8.90

Next, we had a Pan fried chicken breast salad drizzled with mustard orange dressing (RM12.90). The dressing gives the dish a sweet-tangy sensation that blends well with the savoury chicken, while the crisp fresh salad leaves a nice texture to the palate.

Next, we had the Cheesy Mexican Tortilla. A cheesy-salsa sandwiched between 2 tortilla wraps, the slight sweetness of Mozarella complements the vegetables while the baked tortilla was crunchy, a nice appetizer indeed. This dish costs RM6.50

We had a preview of this upcoming menu, a tasty and cheesy beef lasagna, smothered with mozzarella cheese and beef bolognese, drizzled in fragrant olive oil. This dish is baked to perfection to release all the nice flavor. Ask any of the kind waiters on its availability as it is made in limited batches.

Next up, we had Cajun Chicken Chop. A very unique appearance as you can see from the photos, one wonders whether the creator of this dish got his inspiration from eastern Ying and Yang. In any case the juicy chicken thigh was drenched in special tasty sauce, while the chicken itself was topped with finely chopped vegetables that gives a crunchy texture to alternate with the soft thigh. This dish costs RM13.90

We also had a try at their pizza, and first up, we had the tuna and tomato pizza. The toppings were nice and tasty, however, the pastry may need getting used to from other more established restaurants.

The next pizza we were lucky to sample was the salmon pizza. A very special topping indeed, as we don't usually find salmon as a pizza topping around town. With the mozzarella cheese sprinkled generously over, it makes a very delicious pizza. Pizzas all costs RM9.90 onwards.

No continental cuisine is complete without pasta, therefore, the next dish was a welcoming sight – Spaghetti Pomodoro mushroom with crispy chicken. The sauce was savoury and slightly sour from the tomatoes, and fragrant with herbs, while the chicken was just as good as the burger. This dish costs RM13.90

Next came salmon steak and this was awesomely made. The skin was crispy but not burnt, and just enough saltiness to make it taste like crisps. The meat itself had a firm flaky texture, and the taste was slightly sweet and savoury, and at the same time, the dreaded sea smell is absent from this fish, which is huge relieve. This dish costs RM29.90. The dish is called “the world’s best Norwegian Salmon” and we couldn’t agree more.

Next up, we had 2 awesome burgers, the first we would like to talk about is the Juicy Beef Burger with black pepper sauce. Cutleries are not a prerequisite for this one as its best to tucked in on all 10 digits. The handmade patty was thick, juicy and fragrant, slightly crumbly, on purpose perhaps, so that you get to be naughty and sloppy with your food, to bring out that inner child in you. This is a place to unwind after a long day of course. This burger costs RM14.90 and served with French fries.

The next burger was the crispy chicken burger. Immediate comparison are drawn with KFC’s zinger burger. And yet one can easily spot a burger made with passion and seasoned with patient. The crisping sound vibrating through your body sends a satisfying sensation to your brain. This burger comes with staple fries and cost RM12.90

The next dish is a whopper, quarter kilos of New Zealand Beef Striploin Steak. This is a big juicy steak, and the chef did a good job of limiting the marinade on the beef so as to leave just the beefy goodness in the palate. The classic thyme gravy complement the dish well, bringing out the flavour of the beef rather than overwhelming it. This fine steak costs RM30.90

After trying out the steak, we were then presented with the lamb chop. Fragrant meat marinated in fresh mint leaves and yogurt to dispel any gamey taste. The resulting sweet savoury meat is then served with rosemary gravy. This dish costs RM21.90

Besides serving up some delicious savoury dishes, Red place also serves some delicious cakes. First cake to grace our palates was this banana chocolate cake. It starts with a rich and thick chocolate icing that can be nice even on its own. The cake sandwiched a delicious chocolatey cream and laced with bananas, that gives it a sweet and fruity taste.

Next cake, we had the classic cheese cake. The cake was soft and sweet and just a tad savory derived from cheese. The base was a fragrant crunchy bit and blends well with the soft cheese top.

Another cake that we had a try was this cute little carrot cake, denoted by the carrot motif. The cake contains not only carrot, but pineapple and raisins as well, so your palate is busy trying to decipher a myriad of taste that this little cake has to offer. Cakes costs RM35 for half a kilo and RM62 for a kilo.
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