Yu Cafe @ Luyang

We were invited to review a nice and cosy restaurant tucked on the fringe of town. This nice restaurant also serves awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Yu Cafe (KK Food Fest 2012 Participant)
Lot 2. Jalan Resevoir,
Luyang Phase 1,
Kota Kinabalu
Business hour: 8.30am-8:30pm
Voted for KK Food Fest Awards
Best Restaurant 2012
Invited food review by Yu Cafe - www.everydayfoodilove.co/ www.foodloh.com: Jack Baxter George, Monica Ong, Melisa Lim and Angeline with Alfred Allen from KK Food Fest. (Lifeandstyle.com.my/ www.mejarasakk.blogspot.com), Calista Liew (www.petitemodel87.blogspot.com) and Tom Rungitom (www.rungitom.com)
Cuppacino, RM5.90. This is a wonderful drink and is made using actual barista machine. Hence the foam is really firm and able to hold its shape for a long time. The taste was rather light but still has body.
Latte, RM5.50. This drink was milky creamy and light. Also made from a real barista machine, and you can see the photos of the actual machine at the bottom of the page.
Ice Blended Caramel Latte, RM10.90. The drink was creamy, but less sugar so it is a healthier option.

Lemonade, RM3.50 A very cooling and refreshing drink. Sour but with the right amount of sweetness while still retaining the aroma of lime
For starters, we had their Homemade beef cottage pie (RM5.50). It was a marvelous entree, that is similar to a shepherd's pie. the Base was soft mashed potato while the minced beef was light and creamy. The mozzarella topping made the pie even more delicious.
The next appetizer was this sausage burrito (RM7.90). Big cheesy ssausage wrapped with cheese, salsa cheese and burrito skin. The skin was chewy while the tomato, lettuce gives it a crunchy texture. the saltiness of the cheese and sausage blends well with the other ingredients
Next, we had the salsa bruschetta (RM6.90), whereby the salsa was soury and fragrant from fresh and dried herbs

Combo breakfast (RM12.90), which consists of wholemeal bread toast, turkey ham, sausage, scrambled eggs, baked beans and has brown. To top it off, the combo set also comes with coffee. This is truly the breakfast of champions with the eggs soft and fluffy.

Next, up we had another breakfast dish, which is the omelette with turkey bacon (RM11.80). The Omelette was big and the innards were also soft and moist inside. The omelettte comes with toasts and baked beans to give you that fuel you need to face your big day.
Next up, we had their lunch and dinner menu, which the first one served to us was the full-moon pork trotter. The sauce was fragrant and slightly sweet, while the pork was soft and tender yet still has a full body. This dish comes with rice and will cost you RM12.90

Lunch and dinner dishes also comes in western style. As shown in the next dish, whereby we had enzy spaghetti with chicken. The pasta was al dante and lightly drizzled in olive oil. The chicken was nicely grilled and chewy, and complements the pasta well. This dish cost RM17.90
We had a taste of another pasta, this time it was the carbonara styled. The sauce was creamy and fragrant, and the salsa was slightly sour to complement the chewy bits of salty beef chunks. This dish cost RM9.90
Next up, we had the sliced pork noodle. The noodle was firm and springy while the pork was firm but quite tasty.Even the sauce used to mix with the noodle also fragrant. This dish cost RM7.90.

Next up, we had asam pedas beef (RM8.90). This dish also comes with rice, and quite appropriate also because the fragrant, rich and soury beef stew is best consumed with a bowl of warm rice, while the beef was tender.

Steamed Rice
When dining at Yu cafe, don't forget to leave some space in your gut for tantalizing desserts. First up, we had the yam cheese cake. The base was a nice chocolate cookie while the yam topping was sweet and aromatic with yam. The cheese cake sandwiched in the middle was soft and cool, giving it a nice cooling sensation to the palate 
Next we had the durian cake. And the fragrance in this little pastry packs a punch. The whole room is filled with its aroma. It also taste like the original fruit king itself.
Next, we had the blueberry cheese cake. The topping was nicely blend in sour and sweet sensation. The base was a nice firm chocolatey crust and the cheese itself was sweet, firm and cooling just like the yam cheesecake mentioned earlier.
Lastly, we had some nice, heartwarming mini chicken pie. The Crust was firm, cookie like. As such it had a slightly sweet taste. The innards were tasty and fragrant as well. Pictured here is the small bite sized as well as a slightly bigger portion. Mini pies costs RM1.50 each.

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