Bali Bali Gardens Restaurant (Served No Pork) @ Tanjung Aru

Bali Bali Gardens Restaurant is an old house converted into a cozy, Balinese inspired restaurant. The restaurant is clearly visible from Jalan Mat Salleh, next to Petronas Station on the way to Tanjung Aru.

Bali Bali Gardens Restaurant
No. 145, Lorong Bunga Telur,
Jalan Mat Salleh, 88300 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 088-319933 Fax: 088-272101
Email: [email protected]

Experiencing the warm Balinese style hospitality in Bali Bali Gardens Restaurant is a precursor to delighting on the fragrant aromatic delicacies of their Balinese fusion menu.
3 X Iced Water, RM1.80 and Ais Leleh, RM6.00
Ais Leleh consist of shaved ice served with variety of coloured jelly, peanut, grass jelly, cream corn, lychee, vanilla ice cream, evaporated milk and sugar syrup.
Nasi Goreng Lilit Bali Bali RM9.00
A highly recommended dish, Nasi Goreng Lilit Bali Bali was stir fried to perfection with a wonderful array of tasty Indonesian style spices, everyone got in on the act with this dish and it was wiped out within minutes of arriving on our table. 

Ikan Bakar Bumbu Bali RM16.00
Next up was the Ikan Bakar Bumbu Bali that was steeped in an authentic Balinese's marination, grilled to a sizzling golden brown colour that guaranteed any hungry diner would be drooling in anticipation of a culinary feast. It was served with rice, traditional condiments and sambal.

Ayam Bertutu RM16.00
The Ayam Bertutu was another interesting dish with authentic Balinese baked and grilled chicken served with rice, traditional condiments and sambal. The Ayam Bertutu not only delivered great taste it also delivered an exquisite aroma that was hard to ignore. 
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msavocadojuice said…
gonna try to eat there soon! :D
tomokoeiki said…
Berbuka posa @ bali bali garden this everning...! Gonna try the nasi goreng lilit bali bali

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