Tain Siang Hei Wei @ 88 Market Place

We were recently invited by the proprietor of a new Taiwanese steamboat restaurant. This fine establishment is located in at Market Place 88, near Austral Park, Kepayan Ridge.

Tain Siang Hei Wei
Add: Lot 1,2 & 3, 1st Floor,
Block E, Lrg Pusat Komersil 88/2,
88 Market Place, Jalan Pintas, 88300 KK, Sabah.
Tel: 088-316318
From the photos you can see that they have impressive interior decor. It is suppose to ignite certain sense of luxury and comfort while you enjoy your tasty and fragrant hotpot steamboat. This restaurant also has private rooms for special occasions, and as long as you have a minimum number of pax, then there is no additional charges.
The picture below shows 2 choices of soup-base: 1 spicy and 1 original. The taste of the soups are rather impressive. The variation of spices and dried chilli gives out tastiness that bears resemblances to the numbing heat found in szechuan dishes, however, the spiciness can be altered according to your preferences. The original flavor although not as spicy, has the faint fragrance of medicinal herbal soup and just as tasty. 
The picture below is thinly sliced high grade beef. It was evenly and thinly sliced, much like shabu-shabu style steamboat, hence all you need to do is lightly bathe the beef and it will be cooked. When its cooked it will be sweet, juicy and very tender. The beef just simply melts in your mouth with the help of the "marbled" fats. 
Even looking at the beef at its raw form is also pretty impressive.
This next thin meat is pork shoulder, which was also firm, juicy and very tasty. But it must not be cooked too long.
Another thin meat offered to us was lamb shoulder, just as tender, juicy and tasty like the 2 meat before. Although it has a little gamey taste, but lamb lovers will love it even more.

The black marvel that you see next is squid sausage. It was really sweet and tasted something like dried squid on sticks, only sweeter and juicier. 
This picture and above and below are fish egg ball and beancurd slice. The fish egg ball has minced meat surprise filing, while the bean curd was firm and sweet. However, the beancurd cannot be boiled in the soup for too long, so that the beadcurd remains firm.
Nice thin beancurds
This noodle here is their restaurant specialty. Aptly called Tian Xiang noodle, which after cooked has a firm jelly texture which is very special. Kind of like a very big tang hoon. Very nice and special 
Seen here on the plate on the right is sauceball. Its called this way because it has a special sauce inside, of either spicy ones and non spicy ones. So be careful when biting into these balls as it may "explode" to you or the person next to you.
This minced meat on an apparatus is called handmade vege ball. As the name suggest, its number 1, handmade and 2, its vegetarian. On that note, this restaurant has plans to have a special vegetarian menu catering to vegetarians. When they do, this restaurant will be the first in Sabah to have a vegetarian steamboat.

This one here is taiwanese soupball, which is also an exploding little devil, but in a good way. It just oozes with tasty soup filling once bitten into, which gives diners a real surprise.
This last one here is called sui yu, loosely translated into water fish, which is a redundancy. Therefore, surprises its actually turtle meat. This dish is ready to eat so you won't have to crack (forgive the pun) your brain to cook this meat.

This piece of beautiful fungus is called hongxi mushroom, which has a luxurious and sweet texture. 
Choy Sum
This restaurant is certainly a very nice place to dine. Come on over to have try. You may realise that in this posting we put no indication of price. We are just respecting the request of Ms. Lo, the proprietor not to do so. You may have heard some rumors that the pricing is pretty steep, but what we can say here is that the food and ambiance is really worth the price you pay for as its really a one of a kind experience, like never before in 
The filling in the soupball and Fish eggball

tian xiang noodles
This dessert below is pumpkin cheese roll. A very nice twist to end a nice evening. We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to Ms. Lo for such a great evening
Pumpkin Cheese Roll
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