Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ Suria Sabah (Contributed by ahbing.com)

“WHAT!? Fullhouse is at KK already!?”, a friend asked in Twitter.
“I never heard Fullhouse o, very famous one meh?” I replied.
“Their desserts are awesome, and they are every where around KL”
“Ok let’s go tomorrow!”
12 hours later, I am at Fullhouse, with 4 other friends joining me for restaurant review.

I ordered Chicken Burger (set lunch) RM19.90 – Well…. the food looks nice. But the taste is so-so only. Appearance is enticing and attractive, and that’s always a bonus.

“How was it?” they asked. Obviously my lunch set is best looking (and biggest portion).

“Umm, Ramlee burger tastes wayyyy better to be honest ^^; Also double mushroom swiss from Burger King”

“Nothing beats Ramlee burger, period.” they all nodded.
Lisa ordered Salmon Salad RM16.90 – It taste exactly like what you imagined. Smoked salmon, tastes like smoked salmon ^^;

YSLo commented on the mango, “yer why so dark one”. LOL. The only thing that’s worth mentioning is the vegetable, “this tastes good, maybe they are using balsamic vinegar”

HAHAHHA. it’s good because of the vinegar, omg punya lame la you, Lisa!
Lisa also ordered Alfunghi Spaghetti (set lunch) RM16.90.

“Oh gui la…… so dry……….” said Lisa.

“They should pour Man Tai’s “万泰” sauce on it HAHAHAHHAHA” said YSLo.

(note: Man Tai is KK’s famous dish from Beaufort – the dish usually comes with delicious sauce)
YSLo and Hin Ching ordered Chicken Chop (set lunch) RM18.90 – If this dish can only described with one word, it would be ‘salty’.

I would say, ‘tiny’.

We suspected YSLo’s chicken chop was cut into half before serving… and we keep laughing at his dish portion.

“Maybe it was a mistake or left over from previous customer, since your order arrives 3 minutes after order! Hahhahah”

When Hin Ching’s chicken chop arrives..

“BAHAHAHH ALSO SMALL-SMALL ONE!!” all finger pointing at Hin Ching’s dish.

The portion size shown in menu is misleading, but that’s OK. Their staff attitude is nice and friendly, that alone makes the whole experience different and worth the visit.

… high quality staffs are difficult to find, seriously. I am speaking this from personal experience -_-

(I always get complaints for lousy customer service in my shop, so I understand ^^;)
I ordered this also, I think this is the biggest portion of all, Wok-Sear Chicken Chop RM18.90.

How big?

Like this <———————————————————>

And you know what?

This chicken looks exactly like menu!
You see?

It looked 100% exactly the same!
I never see a food photo that takes whole page of menu. Amazing.

Introduce you the 4 ‘kaki’ who joined me for lunch. From top left (clockwise): Lisa, Sunny, YSLo and Hin Ching.
“Uihh lin si! why got wardrobe inside restaurant one!?” I asked.

Obviously I am from kampung, you see. I never seen these kind of concept store. Hahaha.

I only know coffee shop exists inside book store, but not a boutique shop inside a restaurant ^^; <– sam pah lao

There are even 2 fitting rooms!

YSLo and me wanted to try some of the shirt but obviously it’s only for women. Well, we can still try if we wanted to, unfortunately there’s no size for both of us. Meh. 不好玩了.
“Maybe I can wear this ohhh, lin seyyy…”
From my observation, the owner must have spent over millions on decorations and renovation. The whole business premise has taken 4 shop lots some more (!).


Monthly rent can almost buy a Toyota Vios, in cash. lol.

I also heard that Fullhouse allows customers to take wedding photos in the restaurant premises. Is that true?
Total damage done RM110.20

Price is fair – given the friendly staff and excellent environment.

Don’t expect too much from the food, though I was told that all Fullhouse’s food are nothing worth mentioning. #somolin

Fullhouse menu is a little magazine – besides the usual food pictures, it also includes fashion, lifestyle, photos of ambassadors and past events.
“Can I order this?”, the waiter didn’t give me a fuck. Hahahaa.

Imagine you can order the lady for lunch………. #somethingtoponder

*I expect to have desserts, but… not desserts in sight

G7 & 1-10
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
Lot 1, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Contributed by http://www.ahbing.com/


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