Festival Menu @ Silk Garden, Sutera Harbour Resort

KK Food Fest is still on going till the 18th March. So hurry up and go to any of the participating outlet to enjoy their special offer. Today's post is about our being invited to try out The Pacific Sutera's Silk Garden KK Food Fest festival menu.

Silk Garden
1st Floor, Pan Pacific Sutera,
Sutera Harbour Resort,
1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard,
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Silk Garden is one of the participant for KK food Fest. Come on over to try their special menu. Remember, you have less than a week. So hurry on over. 
We were very lucky to be invited by Silk Garden, the chinese restaurant for The Pacific Sutera Harbour Resort. On that beautiful afternoon, we tried their Silk Road Festival Menu, which is their special menu till the 8th March, in conjunction with KK Food Fest.
The first on the menu is young spinach soup with baby prawn, cuttlefish, and crab meat. The soup is very fragrant and tasty. The spinach was blended and infused in the soup so what is left is clear green soup, while the seafood was fresh and firm.
Next up, we had deep-fried prawn with spicy mango mayonnaise dressing. The prawn was crunchy on the outside and moist juicy on the inside. What's more, the sauce was mildly spicy, savoury and sweet at the same time. A very creative creation indeed.

Next we had a very special treat, which is deep-fried homemade black curd with sauteed preserved vegetables. The curd although deep fried was soft in the inside and melts in the mouth, the sauce was very fragrant and filled with mushrooms.
This Silk road festival menu ends with a nice dessert of sweet double-boiled snow pear in chinese tea. Very nutritious as it is also contains dates.The flavor from the pear flows to the soup, thus giving it a natural sweet and flavorful yet light feeling. The price for Silk Road Festive menu is RM50.00 per person.
Apart from the Silk Road Festival Menu, we were also given a sample of their wonderful dim sum dishes. First up we had fried radish with X.O sauce. Tastes very authentic Malaysian Chinese street vendor cooking, fragrant, tasty and with a hint of spice here and there. The crunch from the bean sprout is a nice contrast to the soft but firm radish or Loh bak gou.
Next we had the crystal scallop dumpling and crystal prawn dumpling, which had a springy skin, while the innards was fresh and tasty.
Next, we had a special serving of prawn with kataye noodle. The noodle is deepfried with the prawn, thus the noodle becomes a crispy shell for the deshelled prawn inside.Which incidentaly is sweet and juicy. Its then topped with mayonnaise. 
Lastly, we had szechuan dumpling, which was was topped with a special spicy szechuan sauce, which was one of the more authentic ones I've tasted in a long time.
You'll be able to enjoy Silk Garden's dim sum at RM5-RM9 while weekend eat all you can dim sum is priced at RM45++ per adult, while kids are charged RM25++ 

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