Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 @ Taman Desa

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ, this place's name in Chinese is called "Public Grill Meat"  located at the back alley of Plaza Faber in Taman Desa, this food stall is managed by Mr.Seiji Fujimoto, who is also the owner of Sanuku Udon in Taman Desa. Owned by a partnership of a local and a Japanese, in this yakiniku restaurant, they serve small dishes of  pork, beef and lamb and the "spare parts" (loin and chuck slices, short ribs, pork belly, offal, liver, beef tongue). Most dishes cost about RM6 onward.
You will spot some red lanterns, few tables taken by Japanese clients with either warm sake or ice-cold Asahi beer seated on a plastic fold-out table as they wait for their meat slices to cook on the grill. Interestingly, you will be drawn to the corner where worker prepared a traditional charcoal briquettes made from sawdust for our table. This whole scene, made dining here felt like we were in Tokyo. Some Recommended Dish to order: Japanese Risotto, Lamb Jingisukan (Japanese-style Mongolian hotplate - tender pieces of lamb which were very well-marinated), Offal Meet Soup (made mostly of tripes and innards slow cooked for hours in a radish soup with plenty of vegetables)

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 
Center Court, Plaza FAber, Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa, off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours: opens daily from 6pm till midnight
You get to cook or BBQ by the ingredients yourself, on a grill placed in the middle of the table throughout the duration of the meal. For more flavors, dip the meat into a sauce mixture of Japanese soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar, garlic and sesame or else just eat it on its own.
Pork Ramen, RM10
Springy and slightly thicker cut noodle serve with a good, tasty pork soup. Portion was slightly small, to leave more space for their BBQ stuffs.
Beef Steak, RM25
Fresh and tasty, beef steak were cut into pieces for the convenience to grill, simply marinated with salt and pepper.
Japanese Risotto, RM6
Stewed rice with egg prepared straight from their kitchen.
Pork Belly, RM 10
3 layers with the right proportion of fats and lean parts.
Pork tongue, RM 6
The tongue slices turned out to be crunchy-liked after grilling
Vegetable, RM5

Shot with Nikon D7000
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