Ron's Kopitiam @ Foh Sang

Penang Lam Mee also known as Nyonya Lam Mee in Penang is a traditional nyonya birthday noodles, which signifies long life. The scalded yellow noodles or meehoon and bean sprouts are served in soup, garnished with prawns, sliced pork, fried egg strips and spring onions, and eat with sambal belacan.

Ron's Kopitiam
Location: Foh Sang, opposite Kedai Kopi How Lee
Wor Tip RM6.00 (11 pieces)
No doubt, many KKians visited Ron's Kopitiam for its Char Koay Teow during the evening, at least for now, they will have another good reason to be there, for its Wor Tip and Penang Lam Mee.

Wor Tip is a famous snack in KK loved by all. The thin and crispy layer of dumpling skin wrapped with delicious minced meat filling, dipped with black vinegar and garlic, is simple yet delicious.
Penang Lam Mee RM5.50
As far as I can see, in KK, the authentic Penang Lam Mee could only be found at Ron's Kopitiam. The taste of the Penang Lam Mee was pretty similar to Prawn Noodle, perhaps a clear version of Prawn Noodle. The clear broth tasted sweet and rich in prawn flavour. It is served with yellow noodle and bean sprouts, topped with shredded egg, shredded chicken, prawn, shallot crisps and spring onion.
Penang Char Koay Teow RM5.50
As mentioned earlier, the Penang Char Koay Teow is one of the main attraction in Ron's Kopitiam. The fragrantly good Char Koay Teow complete with delicious flavour is simply irresistible.
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