Kedai Makanan dan Kopi Keng Swee Hing, Tamparuli

Kedai Makanan dan Kopi Keng Swee Hing
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 01/05/10
From Tuaran, we drove to Tamparuli to takeaway some Tamparuli Mee. While waiting for the Tamparuli Mee to be ready, we went to Kedai Makanan dan Kopi Keng Swee Hing for a drink and also takeaway some Baos.
Sang Yuk Bao (takeaway)
The bun was soft and fluffy while the fillings was flavourful. It comes with egg wedges and minced pork as fillings.
 The bun texture was really good
Pumpkin Mantou
The Pumpkin Mantou tasted good on its own. It was a little bit sweet and had a strong pumpkin taste. The Mantou was soft and fluffy.
Then, we went to buy some Grilled Cuttlefish. It was Paul favourite snack.
The cuttlefish was freshly grilled and flattened by using a hammer. Then, it was put in a container. Serve with sweet sauce and chili sauce before eat. Tasted fragrantly good with sesame flavour, sweet, a little sourish and spicy. Yummy!! (Warning; Your jaw will really get tired after a few bite)


Anonymous said…
The Grilled Cuttlefish stall is located at the same shop ?
Monica said… from a Kedai runcit around there
Anonymous said…
Tks. Will definitely drop by next week.
Anonymous said…
Tks. Will definitely drop by next week.
Monica said…
Another warning to u; the cuttlefish taste is good but very chewy and your jaws will really get tired having it.
Anonymous said…
Hi,is there any shop that sell nice laksa as far you know Monica?
Monica said…
Anonymous: You can try , or

So far, this are some good one that I can find, I'm still looking for the best laksa which has similar taste like KL's laksa.
Anonymous said…
I went looking for the cuttlefish twice - Wed morning n Mon afternoon but couldn't locate the kedai runcit. Is it situated at the same row ?

Chewy cuttlefish ? That is my intention - jaws workout. :)
Monica said…
the shop is located at the shop lots behind keng swee hing. u know where is the famous shop for tamparuli mee? it was opposite the that shop.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. Will check it out.

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