Yen Ai Dessert House @ Luyang

After dinner must go dessert, this is the 1st branch of Yen Ai (for more desserts log on to previous post, Yen Ai, Lintas), been in operation for more than 10yrs I think. They have renovated and refurnished the shop, so is very comfy but still small, very hard to find parking in this area but local still love to come here for chinese
herbal cooling tea and tong sui.

Dessert time

Longan/Linqi Tong Sui, RM2.20

Hot Almond Custard, RM5

Blueberry ABC, RM5.50

Hot Almond Custard, Longan/Linqi Dessert & Blueberry ABC
Local Kuih/Desserts

Local Kuih/Sweet Dessert and Snacks

Dessert, Cakes

Cheese Tarts and Sushi

Renovated and refurnished interior

Food: 3/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


all-is-off said…
we tried the one in Lintas last night after dinner and it was really good so will definitely go back so thanks for the post.
Angeline said…
So far for desserts, I think they're the best, fresh, lots of variety, everything taste good, price are quite reasonable, portion just right :)

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