Mark Bakery @ Damai

MARK Bakery's @ Damai

Located same row with RFH Chicken Rice Shop

One of my favourite stop by, I like their cakes, not so buttery, smooth creams with soft sponge cake, lots of fruits, not too dry, just nice for my taste bud. I've tried their Avocado cake, Tiramisu, Black Forest, Choc Mousse, Fruit Cocktail Cream, Choc Fruit Cocktail & Cheese cake; all good, but my favourite still Avocado, Tiramisu and Choc Mousse (although I'm allergy to chocolate). Their cakes have a lot of orders for celebration, make sure you place your order at least 3 days in advance. Others then cakes, bread and pastries also quite good, I get my bread here, bought 2-3 loafs at once and keep in the fridge. You should give it a go, oh! Try their cup cake with marshmallow, yummy. Sorry, I just love sweet stuff!

Selection of cakes

Fresh Cream Fruit Cocktails & Chocolate Fruit Cocktails Cake

Selection of cakes

Selection of cakes

Selection of cakes

Selection of patries

Selection of cakes

Try this! Cheese Tarts (Strawberry & Blueberry)

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 5/5


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