Living Seed Vegetarian Restaurant @ Penampang

Is a habit for us to have breakfast together with Danny at least once a week, after our morning classes. Most of the time, he had good recommendation for good food. Today, Danny suggested to go Living Seed Vegetarian Restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant is located at Penampang and it is quite famous with their vegetarian dishes.

Danny's favourite; Fried oyster mushroom

Our side order; pumpkin, sweet and sour mock meat and curry vegetables

Monica choice; Tom Yam Noodle

My order; Fried noodles with tomato sauce (not recommended, doesn't taste good)

Danny choice; Emperor Noodles Soup

Not really sure the prices for each dishes as we never bother to check the receipt but the price we pay is reasonable.

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


Fifichong said…
My flavorite place to visit every sunday, they provide more tib-bits , kueh & etc on sunday morning,.. check it out,, u will be very suprise wit the vegetrian rendang rice.. exactly same taste o.. :)
Mas Light said…
My first time there today.

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