Fish Noodles @ City Mall

Previously, there was a restaurant selling sang yuk mian (pork noodles) next to Celyn Hotel at Citymall. I've tried it once and it tasted terrible. Today, as I passed by the shop, I was surprised to find out that they no longer selling pork noodles. What they are selling today is fish noodles (yu mian), noodles with fish ball, fish cakes and assorted fish paste stuffs. I couldn't resisted myself to ordered one and figure out the taste, so, I ordered a kon lou mee.

As the previous pork noodles tasted terrible, I couldn't expect the fish noodles to be good but just to fulfill my curiousity, I decided to try it. Ta dah...guess what? Surprisingly it tasted good!!
At least my breakfast is not spoil by some kind of awfull food.

soup with fish ball and fish cakes

kon lou mee (yummy)

fish noodles (dry) RM6

Food: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


Aya Nina said…
Yey!!! Finally, somewhere I can eat! Hura! Fish~~~~ Fish~~~~~
Monica said…
haha..actually there are some halal place that we went too..check out the halal label.

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