This is my highly recommended NEW MUST TRY Japanese Restaurant that are serving the best TONKATSU in Klang never know what you miss out on....try it! Sho Kushiage provide a warm and welcoming dining environment, they ensure their customers get the best service ever with the code of conduct "Service before request". "TONKATSU" originated from Tokyo in the late "Meiji". At the beginning of the both century, an old master sliced the pork shop and fried it the same method like Tempura. It was well accepted and become very popular. Japanese also believe "Tonkatsu" can bring luck if they eat it before sitting for their exam. During exam period "Tonkatsu" always appears in student lunch box which prepare by their mum, as a good luck gesture. Tonkatsu is a delicious and nutritious dish serve with Japanese rice and vegetable.

LG2.28C - LG2.29, Lower Ground Two, Sunway Pyramid,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor.
Tel: 603-5613 6160
Fax: 603-5622 1770
Facebook page: Sho Kushiage Sunway Pyramid
Seated with Brian Lee in red shirt, Head Chef Anson Ng (Originated from Hong Kong), Marketing Manager Katie Tao in red top and me (Angeline Ong) squeezing in at the center representing team.
First of all at Sho Kushiage, with the promises of using only the special selected Premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork, the meat is soft, tender and juicy. Three Yuan Pork simply meant Ax(BxC). Presently the most widely applied breeding programs, A is a terminal sire, B matrilineal male, C is matriarchal female, where A mostly Duroc, B mostly Landrace, C mainly large white. In many cases, BC can be interchange. (Prerequisites: these pigs are from abroad). In overseas, these pig farms can provide purebred or crossbred genetic quality and health status. It is known as pure system. Three Yuan Pig also known as "Duroc." Why choose 3rd generation pig? Cause this pigs are high disease resistance and strong life force and the feed conversion rate better, it is the best gene. Besides that, the cutting process is certified by ISO9001. Cutting work is done at the factory that provide guarantee for food safety and sanitary quality.

Second, using 100% vegetable oil as non-greasy to fries pork chop, making it tasty and refreshing. To maintain the high quality oil, they use professional oil filter machine to filter oil 2 times a day and professional test paper to test oil twice a day.

Third, they use only fresh bread crumb for battering, it cause no oil absorption when frying. Completely healthy secret for frying "Tonkatsu", making it even more crispy and savoury. Every bite you'll get the sensational feeling. Original formula of fresh bread crumb everyday fresh crushed, made of fresh bread fluffy powder. Use 100% oleic acid rich vegetable oil, to hang the crisp and delicious fried products. Frying on skilled and careful observation, the raw materials in the frying pan for 8 minutes cooking time, remove, the heat will naturally make it fully cooked, this will provide a tasty, rich, soft and juicy end product.
For the sauce, a specially selected high quality sesame seeds that contain high linoleic acid and rich in vitamin B1 and calcium. It helps to fight against atherosclerosis and lowering cholesterol. It make it even more delicious and healthy if mix with their homemade sauce.
Customers can experience the fun grinding sesame seeds in a bowl and mixing it with homemade sauce to their liking. They provide free flow of rice, cabbage and miso soup. Upon ordering, they will serve fresh cabbage to customer so they can enjoy some salad before their "Tonkatsu" hit the table. For those who are health conscious, they can consume more salad before having fried pork chop.
Sho Kushiage also use Japan imported Premium rice cause it goes really well with "Tonkatsu". The characteristic of the rice are chewy and moderately soft.
Pick any of this for a good deep fried side dish, price available on the menu
Deep Fried Asparagus
Ask for drink recommendation, this drinks are so refreshing!!!
Japanese Sauce Vegetable Salad at RM8.90
For salad, a unique salad dressing made by a dozen seasoning to induce sweet flavour of the vegetables. Salad, topped with healthy deep fried finely shredded burdock (牛蒡)
Burdock (牛蒡)
Crispy Mango Roll (4 pieces) at RM8.90
Avocado Unagi Cones at RM5.90
Choice of Pork: Premium Pork Chop Cutlet (RM32.90), Cheezy Pork Chop Cutlet (RM26.90), Daikon Pork Chop Cutlet with Ponzu Sauce (RM26.90) and Asparagus Pork Roll (RM26.90)
Choice of Mini Hot Pot: Buta Soup Base (RM28.90), Kimchi Soup Base (RM28.90) and Cheese Soup Base (RM29.90)
End your meal with this fantastic Creme Brûlée
This is my highly recommended NEW MUST TRY Japanese Restaurant that are serving the best TONKATSU in Klang never know what you miss out on....try it! Thank you for reading our posts. Our team media coverage touches mostly on lifestyle events and focuses on happening scenes in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Invite us for food reviews, travel and hotel reviews, KL clubbing reviews and product launches. Our other interests include the movies, technology and photography. Subscribe to my facebook page. Contact us via my email at: [email protected] or [email protected]


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