Gato Gateau / Cakes . Coffee . Cafe @ Nexus Bangsar South

Located in heart of Bangsar South, the Nexus has redefined modern life in Kuala Lumpur by blending vibrant Lifestyle stores and FnB outlets to create an urban oasis for the discerning metropolitan. It is also home of one of Kuala Lumpur’s best kept secrets.

Gato Gateau /
1.8, First Floor, Nexus Bangsar South,
Jalan Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours: 8am-10pm (Weekdays) and 10am-10pm (Weekends)
Tel: 03-28578992
From left: Angeline ( and Charmaine (owner cum chef of / - an alumna of Le Cordon Bleu Sydney)

With the watchwords “Cakes . Coffee . Cafe”, gateau has been delighting patrons since its opening on the 5th December 2015. We met with Charmaine Ng, who is both the proud chef and owner, and spoke to her about her passion with scrumptious cakes and good food.

“I believe that with the right understanding of ingredients, you can make good food. We go to great lengths to discover how best to celebrate our ingredients, particularly of the local variety, as with the right know-how, all ingredients can be made to shine.” - Charmaine Ng
Food review writer: Marvin Michael Kho and Food photographer: Angeline Ong
Green Juice, RM12
If you missed you daily dose of green, this is a healthy refreshing vegetable + fruits juice, high in fibre and yet tasted good.
Their cakes @ gateau’s come in three serving sizes, with size A being the standard serving size for one person. The current two favourites is the artfully named Not Pavlova, which is a hazelnut meringue with layers of lemon curd and topped with fresh fruit. It has a nice texture and the lemon gives it an excellent sweet-sour taste that is sure to delight the palette.
Not Pavlova (Size A: RM8)
The other is the Cheesecake Duo, and as the name implies is actually two layers of baked and non-baked vanilla cheesecake. It is topped with tomato jam and studded with wafers of baked parmesan cheese.
Cheesecake Duo (Size B: RM15)
Priced at RM8 for size A servings, RM15 for size B servings and RM21 for size C servings. Also available are smaller cakes with a more local flavour, such as the Cempedak slice, the Brown Butter slice, Choc-chip Cookies and the Sweet/Savory Muffin. These are priced at RM4 per slice.
Sweet Bites, RM4 per slice
For meals, their menu is divided into light and full meals. For Light Meals, two current favourites with patrons of gato.gateau is the Quinoa Stiry Fry and an interesting dish called Jack and The Bean Stack.
Quino Stir Fry, RM15
The Quinoa Stir Fry features freshly simmered and fluffed quinoa, which is fried with chillie and curry leaves. It is then served with a fried egg, sunny side up and fresh calamansi. It is amazingly light and fluffy, and yet the portion served makes for an ideal meal for conscious diners. For Jack and the Bean Stack, it is homemade baked beans with Worcestershire sauce served on wholemeal toast and stacked with poached eggs and enlivened with dukkah spices. The savory taste will leave you craving for more.
Jack and The Bean Stack, RM12
Homemade baked beans on wholemeal toast stacked with poached egg and dukkah spice
Avo Plate, RM17
For Full Meals, we were given three choice picks, all of which quickly turned into favourites. They are the Avo Plate, which is fresh avocado and egg smash, served on top of house-made Fatty Bread and accompanied with poached egg and salad.
The Beef Ragu Pappardelle is a wide-cut, hand-made pasta that is cooked with timed perfection and tossed with tender Australian beef and a rich tomato-based sauce. The Smoked Trout Stack on the other hand consists of Smoked Trout slices and poached eggs, layered with rocket leaves and cucumber tzatziki sauce and sandwiched between two halves of an olive focaccia. This is accompanied with spiced potato wedges.
Beef Ragu Pappardelle, RM18
Wide-cut, hand-made pasta with slow cooked Australian beef in rich tomato sauce.
Smoked Trout Stack, RM20
Poached egg and smoked trout slices atop rocket leaves on olive focaccia, brought together with cucumber tzatziki sauce.
Everything is made In-House at at / with freshly sourced ingredients and perfectly balanced to make for that perfect meal. The discerning diner is assured of a warm dining experience as the people here make every conscious effort to attend to your every need.
Orders can be made by contacting them at 03-2857 8992 or email: [email protected] Or better yet, visit their cafe.
Instagram: @gato.gateau
 Food review writer: Marvin Michael Kho and Food photographer: Angeline Ong

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