Wishbone Asian Creative Kitchen @ Gaya Street

Wishbone underwent a major makeover to suit the ever changing taste of the local market. And with the makeover, also comes a shakedown in their menu, retaining some of the old favorites, while adding some new delicious menu.

Wishbone Asian Creative Kitchen
(Located next to Sports Toto)
Lot 109, Jalan Gaya, 
Kota Kinabalu, 88100 Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088-239 533
Facebook: Wishbone
Before we go to the food, its good to really absorb the ambiance of the cafe, and one thing you notice, is that  it has a artsy decor. Even the outside explosive facade is a preview of the interior. One thing you will also notice as you enter is a tub filled with earth and planted full of shallot leaves. Take some time to enjoy the artwork, among others, a chair made from milk cartons.

Mulan RM12.90
Our kind host, Nova welcomed us with some rather refreshing drinks, first up, was the Mulan, an Ice blended smoothie laced with Blue Pea, Green Apple, hence the contrasting color that can be seen from the tall glass. Fear not the coloring are all natural and the drink is not too sweet, but rather carries some great fragrance from the fruit and herb.

Lady South Sea RM12.50
Another great refreshing drink served to us was the Lady South Sea, which consists of Mango Smoothie top, and Pandan smoothie bottom. Again, the ingredients used was fresh to bring out the strong flavor of the Mango and the aroma of Pandan.

Metahon RM7.50
Next we had a famous dessert hailed from neighbouring state, Sarawak, called the Metahon. This is a cold dessert, which is shaved ice poured over a concoction of clear syrup, canned tropical fruits, chendol, and leong foon, topped with lemon juice and slice of lemon. The contrasting sour, sweet, and tinge of bitter of the leong foon makes a very nice dessert.

Teh Tarik RM3.80
Another nice drink served to us is the humble teh tarik, frothy, creamy and lightly sweetned, served with old school little biscuit(the ones with the hardened cream on top).

Reborn Hainanese Chicken RIce RM10.90
So on to the food, and first up we would like to inform you that the famed hainanese chicken rice is still available, and this time around, it too, underwent a minor makeover, instead of the usual cucumbers, it now comes with a Asian coleslaw of julianned cucumber, carrots, braised vege and pickled mango. Also it comes with chicken feet soup and also a sweet seaweed soup for dessert. The chicken meat was tender, strong natural flavor, sweet even, laced with an even tastier light soy sauce. 

Teriyaki Style Rice Burger RM10.90
Next we had Teriyaki styled Chicken rice burger. Rice burger are a big hit in Taiwan and Japan, and wishbone is bringing this eastern burger to KK. The chicken was tender, and marinated to a nice savory slightly sweet flavor, then pan grilled to release a great aroma. The burger is served with a generous portion of chips, made from sweet potato, a more healthy alternative. Google up sweet potato and you will find that it is one of the most complete nutrition content found in a single food item, so this whole meal is very healthy for you.

Bonito Chicken Chop Set RM13.90
Lastly, we had the bonito chicken chop set, which is deep fried chicken chop, sprinkled on top with Bonito flakes, and dashed with a mayonnaise. The chicken chop was crunchy and tasty and the bonito flakes adds another savory taste, while matching the sweetness of the mayo. The chicken is served with the same aromatic chicken rice as the hainanese chicken rice. Besides that, it also comes with a fruit salad or local fruits such as the crunchy water apple (jambu air), guava and mango. The fruits were fresh and crunchy, a nice addition to the savoury chicken chop.
Lady Bon Bon now open a kiosk in Wishbone Restaurant. If you looking for a cake for a special occasion, catering for functions such as a high tea or an intimate cocktail party or event management for a wedding or conference then look no further... Lady Bon Bon!!!

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